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5 Music Sheet Crafts for Christmas

Our church has a huge stack of old hymnals; and this week we are going to put them to good use. We are having a craft night and will be transforming forgotten hymnals into Christmas gifts and decor. Back in September, I shared 5 Craft Projects using Old Books — well, you can call this the Christmas version of that post. Get in the holiday crafting spirit with these 5 music sheet crafts:

5 Music Sheet Crafts for Christmas gifts and decor. Recycle old books, hymnals and sheet music via @craftivityd

  1. Christina made a wreath from old hymnal pages.
  2. Kristen turned sheet music into Christmas banners.
  3. Amber made Christmas tree from old books to use as a centerpiece.
  4. Leigh Anne filled an ornament with strips of sheet music. It would be a special gift to use for someone’s favorite hymn. Also, you should head over to see Leigh Anne’s Christmas tour!
  5. Jeanette also made Christmas trees, using sheet music, and mixed them in with bottle brush trees.