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How to Make Cheap DIY Bamboo Blinds with a simple Hack!

Do you love the style of bamboo blinds, but hate the price? Learn how to make DIY bamboo blinds with this simple hack that will save you money too!

We are moving into a new home in the next few weeks, and it has 17 windows. Seventeen. All 17 windows are in need of new bamboo blinds… which quickly adds up to a pricey bill.

Tallying totals and comparing options reminded me of the trick that I tried in our last home. It’s a simple way to incorporate the look of bamboo roman shades throughout your home, without breaking the bank.

With these DIY bamboo blinds, you’ll add texture and style to any room!

Bamboo blinds showing how to get affordable diy bamboo blinds or bamboo roman shades

Make Windows Appear Larger

This bamboo blind hack isn’t only a “look for less“; it’s also a tool to make a window appear larger.

For example, our bedroom windows were short. While this is handy for furniture placement and privacy, it’s not my favorite look. The little windows looked short and squatty.

Short window before it was updated with diy bamboo blinds or bamboo roman shades

The remedy? Hang long curtains high and wide to give the illusion of a larger window.

This is a well-known home interiors trick that any Pinterest lover has probably seen in their feed. However, a rarely discussed nuance to the trick is the empty space remaining between the rod and the window:

Window with empty space for diy bamboo blinds or bamboo roman shades

So, what do you do if the awkward, empty space bothers you? Well, it’s the perfect spot to install stylish, textured bamboo roman shades.

diy bamboo blinds and a white curtain

How to Make Cheap DIY Bamboo Blinds

Making cheap, DIY bamboo shades are simple. Just use the hack for making DIY bamboo blinds that I’ve shared below!

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links for products or services.


  • Glue Gun and Hot Glue
  • Scissors



1. Measure the Bamboo Shade

First, unroll and lay the bamboo shade flat. Measure the shade and determine how many faux bamboo blinds you will make from it.

For example, I chose a 6-foot long shade so that I could create 2-foot sections for each of 3 windows.

2. Identify the Cut Points

Before you begin cutting, determine which slats will be the top/bottom of each of your bamboo shades. Add a dab of hot glue onto the cording of those slats to hold everything in place.

glue gun putting glue on diy bamboo blinds

Note: In the photo above, the 4 slats between the hot glue and the white circle, will be extra. These slats will be removed so that there is cording available past the glue point, beyond the glued cording. 

3. Snip Cords Needed to Remove Slats

Use scissors to snip the cord at least 4 slats below the hot glue.

scissors trimming cords on diy bamboo blinds

4. Remove Excess Slats

Remove excess slats and tie off the cording in a knot. Be sure that the knot is secure.

removing extra slats on diy bamboo blinds
tying cords on diy bamboo blinds

5. Repeat Steps 2-4

Repeat steps 2-4 for the bottom and top of each faux roman shade {you can skip the bottom of the original bamboo shade since it already has a finished edge}.

6. Determine Loop Size

Wrap the top of each bamboo blind around the curtain rod to determine the required loop size. Then, take cable ties and slide them through the cording on two slats. {In my case, I used the second slat from the top and eighth slat from the top. In other words, it took eight slats to wrap the rod loosely.}

diy bamboo blinds attached to a curtain rod

7. Reinforce with Hot Glue

Once everything is in place, add some additional hot glue to the cording on the top 2-3 slats for extra support.

8. Tighten Each Cable Tie

Pull each cable tie tighter {not snug to the rod, though, so you can still pull the blinds off the rod if needed}. Snip the end of the cable tie.

diy bamboo blinds attached to a curtain rod
diy bamboo blinds hanging on a curtain rod

9. Add Weight

Collect the extra bamboo slats to add weight at the bottom of each faux roman shade.

extra slats from diy bamboo blinds

10. Add More Glue

Add hot glue to the second slat from the bottom and fold the bottom slat back onto the glue.

adding extra glue to the bottom of the diy bamboo blinds
adding more glue to the diy bamboo blinds
adding excess slats to the diy bamboo blinds

11. Add Extra Slats

Next, add several more slats with hot glue. It will cover up the excess cording, and weight to hang the shade straight, and gives the shade a finished look.

covering excess cording on diy bamboo blinds using extra slats
diy bamboo blinds hanging in a window

Bamboo Blinds: FAQs

Q: Can you see through bamboo blinds?

A: Yes. At night, bamboo blinds are see-through. Therefore, if you need privacy or blackout conditions, you’ll need to apply fabric to the backs of the blinds.  

Q: How do you cover a window without curtains?

A: Bamboo blinds are a great option for windows without curtains. For example – if you do not have enough wall space around a window to hang curtains – bamboo blinds are a decorative, textural window covering hung inside the window frame. 

Pairing Curtains with DIY Bamboo Blinds

When you pair a soft, white weave curtain with bamboo roman shades, it adds texture and depth to the room. We used two curtain panels to flank the outside edge of windows on each side of the headboard (see the Navy Master Bedroom Reveal for full-width shots).

I chose the RITVA Curtains from IKEA (if you don’t have an IKEA nearby, get them on Amazon) because the texture in the weave feels higher quality than some of the other white IKEA curtains.

diy bamboo blinds (or bamboo roman shades) and white curtains

Of course, the bamboo blinds aren’t functional. If you like the function of a roman shade and are willing to pay the price, simply buy the bamboo blinds and hang them as-is.

However, if you are looking to save some money, this is a simple hack!

Plus, you can still hang a basic room darkening shade inside the window which won’t be visible during the day; because it is hidden behind the prettier bamboo shade (just pull it down at night).

diy bamboo blinds, white curtains, and a gold curtain rod.

So, what do you think? Would this be a helpful trick for your home? I just love the texture that bamboo shades give a room… and for a reasonable price!

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