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The Best Bamboo Blinds (& why I’ll never buy any other style again)

Once you try these cord-free bamboo blinds you’ll never go back. After hours of searching, I found the best bamboo blinds (and I’ll never buy another style again!).

Window blind cords are always wound into messy knots. Want to adjust the light in a room? Sure. But, first, you must detangle a 3-inch ball of thin cord. It’s an aggravating task.

How do the cords get this way? Is there a window leprechaun that climbs the cord… swinging on it… and twisting it into a complex network of cording?

Cordless Bamboo Blinds in a boys bedroom with navy walls and yellow nightstand

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Presumably, the “window leprechaun” is actually my children. Except that, I never see my children playing with the cords… there may be holes in my theory…

In either case, I’m done with corded window blinds.

Can you buy window blinds without cords? Yes!

bamboo blinds cordless

Note: If you want the look of bamboo blinds but don’t need them to be functional, try this simple tutorial for faux DIY bamboo blinds.

After hours of searching (and reading hundreds of reviews), I think I’ve found the best bamboo blinds.

We love them. I show them off. Like a fancy espresso machine or a slick new appliance.

“You must come upstairs to see our new bamboo blinds! I’ll show you how they work. It’s glorious…. there is no cord.”

“Really? I have to see these things.”

best bamboo blinds cordless

Moments later, my visitor is yelling down to their spouse, “Hey Honey, come see these blinds. This is what we should buy for our house.”

In a matter of minutes, they are convinced. You’ll never want to buy any other bamboo blinds.

How Do Cordless Blinds Work?

These cordless bamboo blinds are easy to move up and down, but it feels odd at first. Thankfully there is a sticker which helps you learn how to raise and lower cordless blinds.

how to use cordless bamboo blinds

Note: Feel free to remove the sticker once you are familiar with how to lift and lower.

Simply grab the shade at the sticker which is located in the center of the bamboo blind. If you are raising the blinds, lift up. If you are lowering the blinds, pull down.

It feels awkward at first (after all, you’ve been using corded blinds for years…), but once you get used to it – it’s so easy.

And not just for adults, cordless blinds are much more kid-friendly, too. This video tutorial shows you how easy it is to raise and lower these cordless bamboo blinds.

How to Install Bamboo Blinds



  • Drill and Drill Bits
  • Screwdriver


#1: Attach Brackets to Window Frame

First, attach the brackets to the trim inside the window. If necessary, drill starter holes to make it easier to insert the screw.

attach brackets to window trim with screws

#2: Place the Blinds onto the Brackets

Each bracket has a long bolt protruding out from the window. Slide the wood blind frame over the bolt and into place between the brackets.

slide bamboo blind frame over screw

#3: Secure Blinds with Butterfly Nut

Finally, thread the butterfly nut onto the bolt. Screw the nut until the fully tightened, in order to secure the bamboo blinds.

tighten butterfly nut to install bamboo blind

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