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5 Steps to Make a Beautiful Bed

This post has been sponsored by Serena and Lily, but the opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Several weeks ago, Serena and Lily contacted me about trying a luxury sheet set from their bedding collection. It was the perfect timing because the fitted sheet in our Master Bedroom had become threadbare. Very threadbare. In fact, by the time our new sheets arrived from Serena and Lily, there were a couple of holes in the center of the sheet. It’s like our sheets fell apart overnight…

5 Steps to Make a Beautiful Bed, French Ring Sheet Set from Serena and Lily by @CraftivityD

…maybe they knew they were being replaced? Do bed linens get hurt feelings? Ha! Anyway, I was pretty excited to find that box on our porch, open it up, and get a new set of sheets on our bed.

Today, I thought I’d share my “formula” for a beautiful bed. It’s not perfect… and I’m sure there are a million more ways it could be done. I’ve settled on this bed-making “formula” because it has proven to be both attractive and simple.

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Step #1: A Set of Patterned Sheets

Consider sheets the pop of pattern. They peak out from underneath a bedspread or duvet, acting as an accessory and adding interest. Patterned sheets are the floral shirt with a solid cardigan or the gingham scarf with a solid dress. Dress the bed like you get dressed, balancing prints and solids for a cohesive look.

I chose the French Ring Sheet Set in black. It’s a 300 Thread-Count, 100% Cotton Sateen sheet set in a modern black and white print. The pattern has a masculine feel, which balances the feminine lines found in our bedspread and upholstered headboard. 

5 Steps to Make a Beautiful Bed, French Ring Sheet Set from Serena and Lily by @CraftivityD

You might be wondering why I would choose a black and white print when our bedroom is primarily navy and white. First, I don’t want the room to feel matchy-matchy. There is a mix of metal finishes and wood tones in the room. That is intentional. I like when a room feels collected over time, which means pieces won’t match exactly. Second, I knew that that black and white wouldn’t feel out of place. There is a black ottoman in the room, along with shades of gray found in the throw pillow, nightstand, rug, and floors.

We’ve never owned luxury bedding before — and these sheets feel like a luxury. The sheets are soft, cool, and lightweight — yet the fabric still feels thick, substantial, and durable.

Step #2: A Neutral, Solid-Color, Bedspread

I like a solid bedspread or duvet to pair with patterned sheets. Typically a neutral color is my choice — think whites, grays, and cream — that will play well with many color schemes.

We’ve had this white bedspread for 10 years, and have used it in 4 different bedrooms {with 4 different color palettes from navy to red}. It is versatile, simple and has been well-worth the investment. Even if you love pattern — I’d suggest owning one solid bedspread to use when you get the itch to redecorate, or simply to refresh the home for the change of seasons.

5 Steps to Make a Beautiful Bed, French Ring Sheet Set from Serena and Lily by @CraftivityD

Step #3: A Bold Throw

A throw at the foot of the bed {also called a bed runner} is where you can inject the boldest color. I keep a solid navy and a patterned throw in our bedroom to use at the foot of the bed. Sometimes I use both, sometimes I pick one or the other. With a large blanket, like the navy throw shown below, fold it thinner or wider, depending on how much color you want in the room.  

5 Steps to Make a Beautiful Bed, French Ring Sheet Set from Serena and Lily by @CraftivityD

A throw at the foot of the bed, easily masks quick bed-making, too. Even if you don’t have time to tuck sheets under the mattress, throw a blanket over the end of the bed and it will appear finished.

Step #4: A Simple Pillow Arrangement

I love the look of a bed full of pillows. However, I don’t love dealing with extra pillows in our bedroom every day. In a guest room, it’s no big deal. Pile on the pillows. But in our bedroom — where we actually make and un-make the bed daily — it’s a hassle to deal with extra pillows. If you feel the same, go for a simple pillow arrangement.

So what is a simple pillow arrangement? I like two solid shams, two printed pillowcases, and a single lumbar-style throw pillow. Most of the pillows are used every night, either for sitting or sleeping. The lumbar pillow is the only one that is solely decorative. 

5 Steps to Make a Beautiful Bed, French Ring Sheet Set from Serena and Lily by @CraftivityD

Yet, even though this is a simple pillow arrangement, it’s not boring. We’ve got 2 prints and 2 solid colors in the mix. Plus, I style them differently. Shown above is a traditional setup, but I also like to stack pillows as shown in the photos from this post.

Note: We have a Queen-size bed. For a King-size bed, I’d probably do 3 shams, 3 pillowcases, and 1 long lumbar pillow.

Step #5: A Touch of Luxury

The final detail to a beautifully made bed is a touch of luxury. If we go back to the concept of dressing the bed like you dress your body, luxurious details are like jewelry. A wingback-style upholstered headboard with curvy lines and tailored buttons is the jewelry in our bedroom. The headboard immediately catches your eye when walking into the room.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be a headboard. Add a metallic tray for breakfast in bed or journaling in the evenings. Try a velvet, leather, or fur throw pillow as the decorative pillow. Find a luxurious accent to make your bed a retreat from long days.

5 Steps to Make a Beautiful Bed, French Ring Sheet Set from Serena and Lily by @CraftivityD

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Patterned sheets + solid bedspread + bold throw + simple pillow arrangement + touch of luxury… that has become my “formula” for making a beautiful bed. Even then, when it comes to decorating my home, I don’t often work by formulas. I tweak and try new things until I find a pretty combination. After all, decorating is fun, right?

 Do you make a beautiful bed? What are your best tips? 

Nadine Cathleen

Tuesday 14th of February 2017

I love pretty beds, they make it so inviting to hop in and sleep :)

Wednesday 15th of February 2017

Yes, it's so nice to come home to a welcoming bed in the evening.

Summer @ Coffee With Summer

Thursday 9th of February 2017

I love how classic and clean this print is! So pretty.

Gennifer Rose

Wednesday 8th of February 2017

I am going to be re-decortaing my bedroom this year and these are some great tips! I am really gravitating towards luxury fabrics like linen and pima cotton in neutral shades :)

Gennifer Rose |


Wednesday 8th of February 2017

Your bed looks so nice!! The print is so much fun on the sheets.

Wednesday 8th of February 2017

It is a fun print!

Kristin Cook

Wednesday 8th of February 2017

That is so pretty and I love the headboard too! Unfortunately, we are doing really, really, REALLY well if we just make up our bed...I fear that if we made everything beautiful it would be for no reason because we would never actually make up our bed. lol.

Wednesday 8th of February 2017

Lol 😂