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How to Make DIY Watercolor Portraits

Did you know that you can create a watercolor effect with your own photos?

DIY Watercolor Effect -- easy to do with simple tools -- Craftivity Designs

I used the Watercolor Filter {Filter -> Artistic -> Watercolor} in Photoshop Elements; but there are other ways to achieve this effect using more basic programs, like the Waterlogue App or the free Photo Editing program called “Gimp.”

You may have to apply the effect several times to get the desired look. I applied the filter 3 times and then made the image slightly transparent {at 70%} to achieve that faded, watercolor effect.

DIY Watercolor Effect -- turn photos into art -- Craftivity Designs

We’ve got a lot of architectural and landscape art in our Dining Room, so this is a nice personal touch.

Do you have any precious photos waiting to become a work of art?


Sunday 26th of October 2014

aw, so sweet! I keep meaning to play around with Waterlogue more.