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Birthdays, Bathrooms and Basketball

It’s been a while since I’ve shared random updates and stories… but the last few weeks have been filled with several fun things and some progress on the bathroom.

1. Been Partying like a Superhero

A little someone had his third birthday. He’s been totally into Superheroes and it turned out to be such a fun party theme. The kids had a BLAST and I can’t wait to share more of the details with you!

the faces are blurred to protect their superhero identities 😉

2. Removing Wallpaper is Easy

Except, it’s not. This isn’t really a surprise, but it felt like it was time for an update on the bathroom renovation. Over the weekend two of the high school girls from church came over and helped me finish removing the wallpaper. There is still work to do on the walls — like wiping off the glue and sanding — but at least the birdhouses and ivy are gone.

Here are some “in progress” shots. There are 3 layers to remove before we even get to the sanding/patching/priming stage.

Speaking of patching, check out this gigantic whole we found behind the mirror. Maybe a medicine cabinet was in that spot? We weren’t sure about the safety of this electrical wiring, so off went the power to this room… which explains the floor lamp staring you down in the first photo.

3. Celebrating the C-A-T-S Cats, Cats, Cats!

The most unexpected activity over the last few weeks is that Kentucky has done well in the tournament {much to my joy… and Erica’s dismay}. After a less-than-impressive season; I was just hoping they would make it into the second weekend of the tournament. My husband is a University of Louisville fan; but we live in Wildcat Country {aka… anywhere in the state besides Louisville}. Our dear friends decided to decorate our home to celebrate.

I love rivalries.

What have you been up to lately? Will you be watching the National Championship tonight? Who will you be rooting for?


Tuesday 8th of April 2014

Superhero party sounds so fun--can't wait to hear more!