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How to Make Bow Garland (Banners for a Baby Shower)

Well, change of plans, folks. Lora’s husband, Mike, was going to be sharing Part 2 of the Window Seat (See Part 1 here) project today — but Lora and I are pretty tough on our deadlines {not really} and he missed it. Not that moving and starting a new job has anything to do with it, *wink*. But, no worries, Part 2 should be on the schedule for next week. So for today, I’ll be sharing my last post on the Bows & Bow Ties Baby Shower that mom and I hosted this summer.

As I mentioned in my post last week about baby shower decorations, we used multiple banners when it came to decorating the event space.

Bunting Banner

Weeks before the shower, we started prep for the banners by collecting different patterns of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper from various craft and hobby stores. Each sheet was cut into four 6-inch triangles. Next, we ran the paper triangles through the sewing machine to attach them to ribbon.

We even used yellow thread to coordinate with our blue chevron ribbon! I love the way they turned out!  When they were finished being sewn, we folded them up flat so they wouldn’t get bent before the shower.

The banners were hung in front of the food and gift tables and on some of the walls around the room that just needed some color.

Mini Triangle Banner

We also used the scrap pieces from the 12 x 12 paper to create a mini banner with little triangles. I’m a big fan of trying to use up every inch of my scrapbook paper!

Paper Strip Banner

Next, we took the extra full sheets of scrapbook paper and cut them into small strips in a pattern alternating between yellow, blue, and green.

Just like the first banner, we ran those strips through the sewing machine.

We hung these banners in various places like on the windows that were used to decorate the gift table.

Felt Bow and Bow Tie Banner

My favorite banners were the ones made from felt bows and bow ties. We created these by following this tutorial and modifying it to create both bows and bow ties.

After creating the bows and bow ties, we hot glued them onto twine.

We used these as table runners on the gift tables and on the drink table.

Clothespin Banner

The last type of banner we created was a simple one that was made using clothespins, ribbon and twine.  We used yellow and blue ribbon to make blue and yellow bows which we hot glued onto clothespins.  Next, we clipped the pins directly onto the long piece of twine and hung it up over the wish card table.

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Craftivity Designs

Monday 26th of August 2013

Thanks Ingrid, it was a lot of fun to decorate!]



Monday 26th of August 2013

very creative and very pretty too! I love everything you and your mom did to decorate with the banners! :-)