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How to Make DIY Wood Towel Hooks

One of my favorite details in our bathroom is the wood towel hooks.

I purchased these wood dowels over a year ago at the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace in Indianapolis. However, you could purchase similar wood dowels like this to create your own towel hooks.

You’ll need a dowel screw like one of these {that is an Amazon affiliate link, but we got our version at a local hardware store} and drywall anchors that fit that screw.

Drill a hole into the end of your dowel, and screw in the dowel screw until you reach the other screw threads.

Drill a hole in the wall and insert the drywall anchor until it is flush with the wall. Screw in the wood dowel until it is flush with the wall.

We hung 4 hooks underneath our weathered wood shelves. I love the warmth they add and their unique style.

We do have one wobbly hook due to uneven drywall and an uneven dowel end {these came from the flea market as-is, we didn’t cut them fresh}. I haven’t decided exactly how to resolve this, but am considering just using a heavy duty glue to adhere the two surfaces better. It is fully seated in the drywall anchor; but just doesn’t meat the wall perfectly. If any one else has any ideas, please share in the comments!

Have you ever hung any out-of-the-ordinary towel hooks? I’ve seen things like trophy figurines, croquet mallet heads and more!

Diena Cameron

Tuesday 5th of June 2018

Hi i was thinking you could take the wobbly dowel back out and cut a fresh end on it though that wouldn't help with the messed up drywall but it'd be a start, and who knows ma6be it would help just enough to make it flush. Cute idea, have to keep my eyes open for dowels now lol. Thanks !

Lora Green

Thursday 7th of June 2018

Thanks, good idea!! That would work well, I bet!

Craftivity Designs

Wednesday 8th of October 2014

Thanks! I love the texture and warmth they add in the room :)

Kelly Rowe

Tuesday 7th of October 2014

LOVE these!!! Just my style too :)

Craftivity Designs

Friday 26th of September 2014

Thanks so much for hosting :)

Elizabeth Joan Designs

Wednesday 24th of September 2014

Such a great idea! Thanks for linking up at Your Designs This Time!

Erin & Emily