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Fairy Garden Christmas Village

Over the summer, we went to the Kentucky State Fair and spent a fair amount of time looking at Fairy Garden entries in the Fairy Garden Competition. How’s that for a sentence? Anyhow, the kids loved looking at all the tiny items tucked into the Fairy Gardens. Small homes hidden below plant leaves and tiny boats in little puddles. I’ve never been into fairies as a cartoon character, but I can totally get on board with Fairy Gardens.

How to Make a Fairy Garden Christmas Village, Christmas Village inspired by Fairy Gardens by @CraftivityD

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That summer experience became the inspiration for our Christmas Village this year. It’s a loose take on the Fairy Garden concept by tucking the tiny ceramic buildings in and around houseplants on the buffet. This is by far my favorite Christmas Village. In years past, I’ve always just lined up the village in a line, placed on fake snow. Here are few tips, for a magical Christmas Village.

Fairy Garden Christmas Village : Tips

#1. Vary the heights of the buildings by using cake pedestals, bowls, and other serving ware.
#2. Use pillow filler as fluffy snow.
#3. Lay crocheted lace down as the snow covered streets.
#4. Set up a focal scene in the center of the village.
#5. Mix in houseplants as greenery, like trees and plants that you would find in a real village.
#6. Use a cloche or cheese dish to highlight a special item.
#7. Include some lampposts or lit houses for light.
#8. Mix village sets! They don’t have to match.

Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour, Rustic, Cottage by @CraftivityD

Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour, Rustic, Cottage by @CraftivityD

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Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour, Rustic, Cottage by @CraftivityD

Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour, Rustic, Cottage by @CraftivityD

Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour, Rustic, Cottage by @CraftivityD

It’s the most magical spot in our home! Well, I guess that the Christmas Tree puts up a pretty good competition. Are you looking to create more magical moments in your Christmas home? I’m over at Beauty in the Mess, sharing 10 Ways to have a cozy Christmas, and I think you’ll find several ideas that help create the Christmas magic that exudes from a cozy home filled with tradition, history, and hope.


How are you creating magical moments this Christmas Season?

Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}

Thursday 22nd of December 2016

What a cute idea to create such a magical Christmas village! :) Merry Christmas! XO, Vanessa

Colette @ restyle it wright

Tuesday 20th of December 2016

what a magical spot for the kids! such great memories for them!


Saturday 17th of December 2016

That is so so cute my toddler would do everything in how power to climb up and pinch different pieces to make his own village in the middle of the house lol


Friday 16th of December 2016

What a fun set up especially for the kids. I love the idea of adding leaves and plants and snow to make it more 'real'. I've never done anything like this - it is really creative.


Thursday 15th of December 2016

I love Christmas villages, and this is such a fun twist on it! nice!