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How to Use Photos to Make Decorating Decisions

If you feel “stumped” when it comes to decorating a space in your home, turn to the camera.


The space that I’ve been mulling over {and over and over} is the bedding in our master bedroom.

How to Make Decor Choices Using Photos // Craftivity Designs
Yes — that nightstand still needs new pulls 🙂

Our headboard was a steal several years back when a local Sears clearanced out all of their furniture items. It’s beautiful and comfortable; but it has a feminine feel due to the curvy shape. The white bedspread is something we’ve also owned for a while and though I like it; it leans a little feminine, too.

There isn’t anything wrong with that feminine vibe; but I do want to pull in some more masculine touches since I do share this space with Mike.

So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to use these great feminine pieces as a base; but add interest, texture and contrast with some more masculine pieces {oh — also — with pieces that we already own}.

To test out several ideas I grabbed an assortment of pillows and blankets; then started taking photos.



Decision #1: COLOR


How to Make Decor Choices Using Photos // Craftivity Designs

I am — without a doubt — drawn to Option A. Yes, the blanket blends in with the wall. So, that  gives me two options:

  1. Hang something on the wall that is light {a mirror, art, etc.} and let the base of that item “dip” behind the headboard — similar to the mirror in this photo.
  2. Remove the blanket; but use dark shams against the headboard as a contrast {i.e.: nix the white shams}.

 Decision #2: PILLOW SHAMS

How to Make Decor Choices Using Photos // Craftivity Designs

I like to mix patterns; but Option A feels too busy. Solid shams will be the way to go {whether or not they stay white}.

Decision #3: THROW PILLOWS

How to Make Decor Choices Using Photos // Craftivity Designs

I like both Option A and B. If I go with white shams, I’ll choose Option A. If I go with dark shams, I’ll choose Option B.


Blogs, Pinterest, and Mood Boards are great for visualizing the overall feel that you’d like to create when you makeover a room. However, when it comes to the little details, I fell like it is trial and error. When I’m stumped, a photo gives me a new, and different, perspective.

How do you solve decor decisions?

Craftivity Designs

Wednesday 22nd of July 2015

Thanks! I use it all the time... sometimes I'll share to IG or something for feedback from others, too.


Saturday 18th of July 2015

Hmm, aha... I seee...*pins*

That is a darn good idea. I never thought about it but I can see a subtle divide and conquer, through the camera shot & angles, to help focus and solve the deco-problem.Great tip ladies. :)