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Vintage Baby Girl First Birthday

Over the weekend we celebrated my daughter’s 1st Birthday.

Vintage Baby Girl First Birthday Party Ideas**Amazon Affiliate Links included in this post.

I had decorations from my sister-in-law’s bridal shower that were perfect to create a vintage baby girl first birthday.

Vintage Baby Girl First Birthday Party Ideas

Strips of fabric tied onto a dowel rod make an easy backdrop.

Vintage Baby Girl First Birthday Party Ideas

Her monthly photos clipped onto twine are a simple way to celebrate how she has grown over this first year. By the way, I find that these tiny clothespins come in handy often – they are great to have in your craft stash.

Vintage Baby Girl First Birthday Party Ideas

I leaned her newborn photo canvas on the wall above the mantle.

Vintage Baby Girl First Birthday Party Ideas

We enjoyed a light lunch with a few different teas.


Ham & Turkey Sandwiches
Cucumber Tea Sandwiches {I used white bread & didn’t toast it}
Pasta Salad
Blueberry Lemon Tea
Sweet & Unsweetened Tea


Vintage Baby Girl First Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter was crazy for the cake. I like cupcakes for first birthday parties, so that the child has their own mini-cake instead of a slice.

Vintage Baby Girl First Birthday Party Ideas

Vintage Baby Girl First Birthday Party Ideas

It’s been a fast year; but I’m so thankful  for this sweet girl. Her brother adores her and she thinks he is the coolest. I love to see their excitement each day when he gets home from preschool.

Right now, she’s into standing on her own and taking steps here and there. She finds tons of excitement in climbing on anything – especially her little rocking chair. I always know when she has climbed up on it due to her squeals of delight.

A little bit more about our big 1 year old:

  • Still nursing
  • Saying “uh-oh”
  • Loves anything we are eating
  • Is unimpressed by “baby food”
  • Unless that baby food is yogurt drops
  • Goes to bed in her crib
  • Sleeps through the night
  • Wakes up on schedule like a little alarm clock
  • Bounces to music
  • Is a speedy crawler
  • Loves the dishwasher
  • Loves the bathrooms
  • Is incredibly curious
  • Opening books
  • Pushing balls
  • Moving cars
  • Gets excited when she sees Daddy and reaches for him

Sweet baby, we love you.


Monday 22nd of February 2016

I love first birthday posts! We did a vintage toys party for my son last year and it was an absolute blast! Your little girl's outfit was so adorable :) I nominated you for a Liebster Award! I would love it if you would accept and take part (if you haven’t already). Here is my link.


Saturday 27th of February 2016

Thanks so much, Ashley!! Also, so sorry I'm just now replying to this -- usually I'm more on top of comments; but this totally missed me earlier this week. I've done Liebster before; but so appreciate the nomination :) Vintage stuff is pretty much my fave -- for parties, decor, clothing accessories -- so I'm going to have to check out your son's birthday. We did vintage toys for my son's nursery in our old home and I loved collecting them from flea markets and garage sales.


Sunday 14th of February 2016

Awww! Happy first Birthday to your sweet baby girl Lora!

Monday 15th of February 2016

Thanks :)