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How to Hang Bottles in a Window (Window Treatment Idea)

For our wedding we used vintage Green & Blue Glass Bottles as the centerpiece at each table. They were filled with flowers and candles, sitting atop hand-sewn squares of toile fabric.
Mike and I {note: more credit goes to him} collected these bottles from yard sales, flea markets, and peddlers malls for the entire year leading up to our wedding. Afterward, we had about 50-75 bottles on our hand, but they had so much meaning to us – what could we do with them?

Well they’ve been sitting in plastic totes for the last 5.5 years. Most of them have made it through two moves and whatever re-organizing we’ve done in our home without breaking. Mike can tell you, I LOVE to throw things away. So it’s a miracle they made it this long – waiting to be used in a project. But they meant something to us, and they are pretty, so I was determined to keep them… and eventually… use them! I especially like the look of them in front of windows, or anywhere there is natural light. The light shines through the glass, brightens them, and makes them so much lovelier – like they looked with candles on our Wedding Day. So, as of late, we’ve been working on our sunroom. It is adjacent to our dining room and has a nice big window. The window is actually on a slanted wall, so I’ve never really even considered blinds or curtains, as they would not hang correctly. On a trip to Ikea we came across the DIGNITET Curtain Wire Set and decided that might be a way we could hang our glass bottles across the top of the window in our Sunroom. It would act in lieu of a traditional window treatment, as well as let the sunlight shine in through the glass bottles. We love this unique window treatment, and it reminds us of our Wedding Day too!


  • Dignitet Cable (Ikea)
  • Riktig Clips (Ikea)
  • Jute Twine
  • Glass Bottles
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