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5 Office Organization Tips for Small Office Spaces

Our church had a Yard Sale fundraiser and I came home with this small dresser.

It’s low height makes it perfect as a side table. Yes, a dresser can be a side table! {A dresser is one of the best pieces of furniture you can buy, see some more examples in this post.}

In fact, I love it as a side table, because it offers storage for my office — much more than almost any actual side table would provide. The chair on the left is my desk chair {see my office progress here}, only a few feet from the couch.

The dresser was already blue and didn’t need a new coat of paint; but I did replace the contact paper with leftover contact paper from the Pantry Makeover.

So let’s review a few organizational tips….


 #1 The surface can be functional, too.

I used to buy pretty things to decorate bookshelves, coffee tables, etc…. and sometimes I still do…. but, more often than not, I’ll pass up the pretty item if it isn’t functional.

Here’s how this surface is very functional:

  • plenty of space to set a drink, magazine and snack if we are reading and relaxing on the couch.
  • the wooden plate corrals my everyday essentials {like chapstick, hair ties and bobby pins, etc.} that I often discard when working at the desk
  • the marble tray will act as a quick photo backdrop since it is by my computer and at a window with good light


#2 Organizational items don’t have to be expensive.

Before buying new organizational items, look at what you already own. Often times an item can be re-purposed or upcyled as an organizer.

Our pencil and pen tray is actually an old silverware organizer that we weren’t using in the kitchen anymore.

Several blue and white saucers corral small items in each drawer.

The wooden box shown below was the packaging for one of my son’s toys. I saved it with the intention of turning it into a storage container. All it needed was a little scrapbook paper!


#3 Photo boxes are a great buy.

A few of my photo boxes actually hold some photos; but most of them store other small items. I like them because they are inexpensive. Usually you can find them for $2-3 on sale at craft stores. If I find them on sale I’ll buy neutral colors that will work throughout my home. It’s nice to have a few extra on hand for when an organization project pops up!

One thing to note, these boxes aren’t incredibly durable {like the wear and tear on the corners in the photo above} so I don’t use them for items we use daily. However, for items we use periodically, they are great. I’ve had these two for 5+ years and have typically been using them for office supplies.

#4 Group like items together.

The bottom cabinet in this small dresser is storing all of our mailing and greeting card supplies. The  polka dot file holder tote has the greeting cards organized by type {these used to be in a basket, in our mini-office}.


Now that all of our card-writing/sending supplies are in one spot AND right next to our computer where the addresses are stored I should have no excuse for not sending a birthday card…

#5 Think outside the box.

Don’t limit yourself to a piece of furniture. Our camera bag is placed between the wall and dresser. It’s out of sight; but easy to grab. My camera is used almost everyday so I like to have easy access to it.


Sometime I’ll even store items underneath furniture. For example, we stick my son’s puzzles underneath the couch in the family room.

We’ve had this “new” piece of furniture for a month or so now, and I’m so glad to have it organized and ready to use! Plus, the extra office storage is just what I needed.

Do any of you use a small dresser as a side table? What great yard sale find have you come across lately?

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Tuesday 10th of June 2014

They are so handy! I understand the whole MDF & moving thing... we have a few pieces of furniture that didn't handle our move well either. It's like they are made to be assembled and left in place, lol!


Tuesday 10th of June 2014

I love this idea! We used to have a dresser in our dining room. It was so handy to store tablecloths, placemats, and other dining accessories. Sadly it got a little too bagged up in our move last year so it became wobblier than it was and got tossed. It was just a cheap MDF dresser, but still sad. Great idea Lora!