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10+ Ideas to Organize an Office and Desktop

It’s Week #2 of the Organizing Challenge and we’re focusing on office spaces and desks. This might be your home office, your desk at work, a workspace in the kitchen, a craft room, or just where you file papers. We hope you’ll join us as we tackle this space over the next week.

Last week I tackled a big project, my pantry and I’m really happy with how it turned out. But Erica and I won’t necessarily be completing big projects every week. So, if it’s a busy week for you, just try to tackle something small.

These stacked mason jars are great for holding pens, pencils and more! You might even have some jars around the house that you could use for this little project. Or maybe you should reevaluate what is taking up space on your desk? I think it’s really smart to store a printer on a shelf next to the desk instead of on top of the desk. Another simple project would be getting your planner organized… it is a new year after all! You could work on this while watching TV.

mason jar holder // printer storage // tips on planner organization

Is it your drawers that are a problem? Empty out all the contents and start from scratch. You might consider buying a kitchen utensil holder to use for things like pens, pencils, staples, and more. Clear plastic containers are a great choice too, because they keep everything easy to find without creating much “visual clutter.”

utensil holder // clear containers

You might be ready to tackle a bigger project like setting up a new workspace or improving your current desk. Trays and boxes are a great way to manage the clutter on a desktop. Try to keep the actual writing surface clear, by using pretty containers to hold your supplies. Also, desk don’t have to be big — depending on how you are using them. Do you just need a place to set your laptop and type? Use a small desk and set it in an under-used spot in your home, like between two windows. Or do you need a convenient place to store stationary and address cards? You can just use a nightstand in a guest bedroom.

trays and boxes // typing desk // nightstand & writing desk

Don’t just stop at your desk, consider the spots around it too. Are there shelves nearby? Is there some empty wall space? You could create a giant DIY inspiration board or start organizing all of your photos and important paperwork in labeled boxes.

inspiration board // shelving with labeled containers