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8 White Furniture Makeovers + Paint Colors

We are back to furniture makeovers, today, both on the blog and in the home. I’m painting another piece this morning and will be working on a big project this weekend. Yes – I need to get some of these projects up on the blog… but in the meantime, let’s check out 8 lovely furniture makeovers using white paint colors.

White Furniture Makeovers, paint colors and techniques. White is a versatile, classic, option for painted furniture. This post discusses 4 different techniques, including paint colors. by @CraftivityD

White is a classic color choice for furniture, because it coordinates with anything. If you are stumped on what color paint to choose for a furniture piece, white is a safe go-to. However, “safe and classic”, doesn’t mean that white is a boring paint color. A touch of white can brighten a room, lend to a farmhouse style, or feel starkly modern. Let’s take a look at 4 different paint treatments, using white paint.

White Furniture Makeovers: Full Coverage Painting

Full coverage is the most familiar painting technique. In other words, the furniture piece has solid coats of paint, with no distressing, two-tone effects, etc. It’s the most traditional look, because we are accustomed to seeing it on white cabinetry and most store-bought white furniture. Full coverage painting, in white, creates light and bright pieces of furniture.

White Cabinet Makeover - by Sustain My Craft Habit

Cabinet by Sustain My Craft Habit in Casement

Sustain My Craft Habit used the color, Casement, to make over a reddish-toned cabinet. She also beefed up the base, similar to what I did with this vanity, which gave it a more substantial look. Full coverage paint is great for projects that structurally modify the piece {adding a larger base, changing out the top surface, replacing furniture feet, etc.}. Since everything will be covered with paint the tones of the old and new wood don’t need to match.

Full coverage painting is great for projects that structurally modify the piece {adding a larger base, changing out the top surface, replacing furniture feet, etc.}. Since everything will be covered with paint, the tones of the old and new wood don’t need to match.

White Coffee Table - by Checking in with Chelsea

Coffee Table by Checking in with Chelsea in Simply White

Chelsea made her own chalk paint using Simply White, for a full coverage look on a coffee table. This style highlights the decorative brackets in each corner of the table legs.

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White Furniture Makeovers: Distressed Painting

If you prefer more dimension or an aged look, choose distressed painting. The first time that I distressed furniture, it was intimidating. However, it’s really quite simple. Just use sandpaper on the places that would naturally distress {such as corners} or details that you want to highlight {like turned legs}.

White Antique Dresser - by Lost and Found Decor

Antique Dresser by Lost and Found Decor in Champlain

Distressing does not have to be dramatic. In fact, it’s barely noticeable in this photo from Lost and Found Decor. However, when you head over to her post, you can see the delicate distressing up close.

White Dresser - by Happy Housie

Dresser by Happy Housie in Simplicity

The Happy Housie used more dramatic distressing on this dresser, which blends well with her beach-inspired decor.

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White Furniture Makeovers: Painting with a Wash

Another technique, which also provides depth and dimension to furniture piece is applying a wash. Often, this technique is combined with distressing, but it can create a different look than distressing alone.

White Buffet - by Kim Power Style

White Dresser by Kim Power Style

Kim literally washes the white paint with a wet rag in order to let the color underneath show through and create variations in the color.

White TV Stand - by Loveland Lodge

TV Stand by Loveland Lodge in Kid Gloves

However, the wash does not have to be in white — and it doesn’t even have to be created with paint — as shown by this TV stand from Loveland Lodge. Jenn used a dark wax to create the brownish “wash” over the white paint. It also highlights the inset detailing on the drawers.

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White Furniture Makeovers: Two-Tone Painting

White is a lovely compliment to stained wood. In other words, a two-tone look, using white paint, is a great option for when you don’t want to cover all of the natural wood. So if you’re fighting that battle of “I just can’t paint over all that gorgeous wood…”

White Sewing Table - by Confessions of a DIYer

Sewing Table by Confessions of a Serial DIYer in Pure White

Confessions of a Serial DIYer highlighted the beautiful dark stain on the top of this sewing table by covering the base in white paint.

White Mid-Century Dresser - by Weathered Wood

Dresser by The Weathered Door in Snow White

The Weathered Door chose to highlight the parts of a Mid-Century Dresser that were still in good condition, by creating a reverse dipped-paint treatment. Head over to view the tutorial so that you don’t miss the modern detail on the sides of the dresser.

Full Coverage, Distressed, Washed, or Two-Tone — which technique is your favorite? 

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Chelsea Wolf

Sunday 5th of March 2017

I'm not sure I'll ever not love white furniture! Thanks for sharing these makeovers and different techniques of painting furniture. I love the two-tone look for a little variation too!

Tuesday 21st of March 2017

It's a classic!

Monday 6th of March 2017

Same here, it's just a classic color choice!

Jenn @ Loveland Lodge

Tuesday 28th of February 2017

Thanks for sharing, Lora! All the makeovers are gorgeous - I'm eyeing the two-tone for a few upcoming projects.

Wednesday 1st of March 2017

Yes, I love that look.


Monday 27th of February 2017

I have used chalk paint on various small pieces such as decor and used a wash, wax, and even sanding to get a distressed look. I once painted a small desk and distressed it too much and did not like it, at all. It might have been OK for someone who really loves a heavy distressing. I think I prefer a tiny bit or a full coverage. All the pieces in this round-up look great - white is such a timeless color!

Friday 3rd of March 2017

I tend to like the lighter distressing, as well.