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A Reminder to Pray and Give Thanks

Well, it’s Thanksgiving week… and in only a few short weeks it will be Christmas and the close of 2014. As always, the year went sooo fast. We’ve been in our new home for almost one year and though there is plenty still to do, we’ve gotten so much done. Including some more-important-than-decorating things — like how we actually use our home.

Remember to pray for your friends and family -- and to be thankful for God's blessings -- with a prayer board like this chalkboard project. We hang our prayer board in the kitchen so that we see it on a daily basis.


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As we head into this Thanksgiving holiday, I’m glad we’ve completed this small, but important, project. I’ve had the chalkboard laying around for quite some time with this intended purpose. Last weekend, when my son and I made his magnet frame, we also worked on this Prayer Chalkboard. We hung a photo of our Compassion Child and talked about how there is a child in another part of the world for which we can pray. As we come across other prayer needs and praises, we’ll add them to this board.

I attached magnets to the back of the chalkboard with E-6000 glue and hung it on our fridge. It took a lot of magnets {approx 30-35} because the chalkboard is quite heavy. Luckily, the magnets came in a box of 100, so I had plenty.

We added the chalk doodles and text using the same chalk marker that I used on the map in our dining room.

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The chalkboard was a thrifted find — unlike the chalkboard map that I recently made, which is chalkboard paint applied to glass. I’ve found that anytime I can buy a real chalkboard {versus DIY-ing one}; it is the best option for regular writing and drawing. The map is decorative and won’t be used regularly — so it’s durability isn’t as important.

Below the chalkboard are several bulldog clips that I thrifted at some point, too. Again, I used magnets attached with E-6000 to hang them on the fridge.

My friend, Melissa, shared this free preschool curriculum on her blog a few months ago. I’ve been using it with my little guy for about 3-4 weeks now and it has been a fun, special time each morning.  We are using the bulldog clips to feature our weekly letter, number and other fun preschool activities.

Along with his magnet frame, the side of our fridge has become a spot to play, learn and grow. It may not be as exciting as a room reveal; but it’s a project that I hope will provide us with the tools and daily reminder to teach our son and help him grow — which is really what “home” is all about anyway.

How do you encourage your family to give thanks? Is there a spot in your home that you love because it represents what home is all about?