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How to Attach a Frame to the Refrigerator (Framed Play Magnets)

My little boy and I completed a quick project over the weekend.

It’s a pretty easy one. This gold frame hung in the entry way of our old house. I originally picked it up at a yard sale.

He’s excited that his magnets have a special spot, and I like that they feel a little more organized and contained.

We attached the frame to the refrigerator with a combination of 3M Mounting Tape and Sticky Tac. This will do for now, but I’ve ordered some magnets from Amazon {100 for $14!} to use as a permanent solution. I’ll attach the magnets to the frame with E-6000 like I did with the picture hangers last week.

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I had my son help apply the mounting tape and sticky tac before we hung it on the fridge so that he was a part of this easy project, too. After all, it’s for his little toys! He was pretty excited when we hung it up.
Do you have play magnets on your fridge? A thrift store frame might be all you need to turn them into a little “Work of Art” for your child.
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