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How to Repair a Hole in Vinyl Siding

Is there a hole in your vinyl siding? Learn how to patch a hole in vinyl siding with these simple tips. You’ll be able to repair holes in vinyl siding in minutes!

Recently, we painted our front door mint green and removed the shutters that were flanking each side of the door. While our curb appeal was much-improved, we were left with small screw holes in the vinyl. Therefore, it was necessary that I learn how to repair holes in vinyl siding.

Each shutter had 6 screw holes, amounting to a total of 12 very visible holes in our vinyl siding – right at our front door. In such an obvious location, we needed to patch the holes in vinyl siding and camouflage the repair. Hopefully, the prior damage would become nearly indistinguishable.

How to Repair Holes in Vinyl Siding

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How to Repair a Hole in Vinyl Siding

Vinyl adhesive caulk is the best product to repair holes in vinyl. In some cases, caulk can be purchased directly from the manufacturer of the vinyl siding so that is an exact color match.

In our case, we didn’t install the siding on this house. I’d expect that most of us “inherit” our siding when we purchase a house. Therefore, specific information about the vinyl siding isn’t available.

So, what can be done if you don’t know the manufacturer or exact color? In that case, you’ll need to utilize a process of trial and error to color match the vinyl siding.

Repair Hole in Vinyl Siding



1. Select a Vinyl Adhesive Caulk

There are several standard shades of vinyl adhesive caulk. Select the caulk color which is closest to your vinyl. In our case, the almond color was the closest match.

If you can’t find a vinyl adhesive caulk color that is similar, select it by color depth. For example, if you have dark green siding, choose a deep tone (such as gray caulk).

2. Apply the Caulk to the Vinyl Siding

Once you’ve selected a color, apply the caulk to the siding. Squirt the caulk into each hole and make sure to fill the hole completely. The caulk is what will prevent water from seeping behind the vinyl.

3. Wipe the Excess Caulk

After applying the caulk, use a plastic putty knife to wipe off any excess leaving a smooth surface.

Vinyl Adhesive Caulk to Repair Hole in Vinyl Siding

Note: In the image above, you can see how different the almond caulk color is than the siding color.

4. Let Dry

Before painting, it is important to let the caulk dry. Read the instructions on the caulk bottle to determine the recommended drying time.

5. Use Exterior Craft Paints to Color Match

Now its time to make that caulk disappear! Use a process of trial and error to match exterior craft paints to vinyl siding. Before applying, test the color match in an inconspicuous area on your home’s siding.

If you can’t find a close match, try mixing a few craft paints together in order to create a color match.

Outdoor Paint to Patch Holes in Vinyl Siding

Color Match Vinyl Siding with Paint

For our siding, I purchased several exterior craft paints until I found the right match (we went with a color called barn wood). It’s not a perfect match but is close enough to make the repair discreet.

You can get a near-perfect match if you remove a piece of siding and take it to the paint store. This was an option we discussed, but we didn’t want to risk the damage to our siding. However, if you have the ability to remove siding (or have an extra piece lying around) a paint store match is a great option!

Repair Hole in Vinyl Siding

Home Maintenance: Fix Holes in Siding

This small project was one of those annoying little maintenance “to-do” items, but I’m glad we took a few minutes to complete it. It really didn’t take that long (outside of a couple trips to the store for craft paint) and it will prevent moisture from seeping behind the siding.

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How to Repair Holes in Vinyl Siding

Craftivity Designs

Friday 24th of July 2015

Glad it was helpful!

Chris Howell

Thursday 23rd of July 2015

Definitely a great tip, it doesn't look completely covered but it looks much better than before. I need to do something like this to my vinyl siding because there are holes everyhwere! I'm going to start doing work today, thanks for the share definitely will help me out!

Craftivity Designs

Thursday 21st of May 2015

It was very easy and definitely inexpensive! I hope it works for you, too :)

Great to hear you are a fellow engineer. I love to decorate but my engineer brain always has me trying to solve problems and make our house more efficient, too!

German Pearls

Sunday 17th of May 2015

Thank you! We have few holes in our siding in our screened in porch where the previous owner's installed a shelf. I hate them but didn't know what to do with them - I'll have to try this. Sounds pretty inexpensive and easy. Thanks!(PS-I saw a comment of one of yours on another blog where you said you went to school for engineering so I sought out your blog as I'm a fellow engineer. :) )

Kirstin Guerra

Monday 19th of January 2015

I had some business signs nailed into my house. After trying to take them down I accidentally tore off a piece of my vinyl siding. I don't know what to do to fix the vinyl missing. Can I replace the big chunk missing, or do I have to redo the whole side?