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A Review of the American Standard Clean Toilet

After we finished our bath, I really wanted to dedicate a post to the toilet.

Though the post title suggests otherwise, I promise this post is Rated G — no potty mouth in this review {pun intended}.

Instead we’re talking more about price, style and quality.

We bought the American Standard Clean from Lowes for $219. We hadn’t ever bought a toilet before, so we started by checking ratings and reviews on and then narrowing down from that point. Here’s what we learned.

1. We chose an elongated {not round} seat.

Our toilet sits back in a small alcove — which is a pretty common bathroom design. The elongated design made more sense in such a narrow space.


2. We chose comfort {not standard} height.

If you are doing a bathroom reno, I’m not sure there would ever be a reason to choose standard. You could maybe argue price, but I’m okay paying a little more for something I’m using multiple times a day every single day.  The same goes for vanity height, I’d get the counter height vanity every time… and I’m only 5’1″.


3. It’s very efficient; but doesn’t have a wimpy flush.

I have not been a fan of low-flow toilets; but this one has low water consumption without sacrificing a strong flush.


4. The design makes it easy to clean.

The sides of the base are straight. It has a modern look and is easy to clean because there is no dust and gunk collecting around all the curves and crevices that usually exist on the base of the toilet.

5. Our plumber was impressed.

Some of the reviewers commented on how heavy the toilet is {in a negative way}; but our plumber liked the weight. Not because it made it easier to install {I’m sure it made it more difficult} but because he felt it demonstrated a well made product. He said more than once “you bought a great toilet.”

6. The price was good.

We really didn’t price-compare much; but I know $219 isn’t the cheapest or the most expensive toilet out there. However, when you consider how important a toilet is — and how often you use it — I don’t think $219 is bad at all.

7. The seat isn’t the best.

The toilet seat seems a bit flimsy, especially in comparison to the rest of the toilet. It seems to slide right to left too easily, in my opinion. Replacing it, though, might be a bit of a bear — based on some of the online reviews.

Overall, I’d completely recommend this toilet if you are in the market for one. I don’t think I ever would have thought I would like a toilet so much; but it really does have a nice stylish look, is so much easier to clean and works great, too. It’s kind of like a vacuum… definitely not a very exciting thing to buy; but when you get a good one it feels like a luxury.

So how do you feel about your toilet? 😉