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Making Simple Goals

I am a big believer in making simple goals. It’s just less overwhelming when the to-do list feels like something I can actually accomplish.

It’s also nice to actually check things off the to-do list — and simple goals make that feasible.
As the baby’s due date crept closer we started shrinking our project list down to only the “baby-essential” items. Some of our projects were left unfinished because I couldn’t complete them while being very pregnant {like crawling in the floor to caulk baseboards}. Then, once she arrived, some things got behind like cleaning house, keeping papers organized, menu planning and other day-to-day stuff.
We are ready to start chipping away at the to do list again; but I don’t want to lose sight of all those little things by rushing off to new projects.
So for the next month I’m setting 3 simple goals each week called Fix, Finish, Function.
Here is the plan for week #1…


{something that isn’t right}

After seeing our bedroom in different lighting throughout the week, we realized that it needs another coat of paint to fix some spots where the paint didn’t fully cover the wall.


{something that is incomplete}

Everything thing in our bathroom renovation was completed last fall except installing trim and caulking the baseboards. We installed the trim during the winter; but due to my growing belly I hadn’t caulked it yet. Time to finally mark this room DONE.


{something that makes life easier}

When we painted our bedroom all the hooks were removed from the walls. My scarves and cardigans have been laying in a pile since then and it’s driving me crazy. This week I want to get them back up on the walls.
I’ll still allow myself to work on other projects; but these are the priorities that come before the other stuff.
Next week I’ll update you on my progress!

What would be your 3 goals this week?

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