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An Organized Home

I was glancing at my IG feed and was reminded that even when it feels like there is so much to do, we have an organized home. It might seem silly; but organization is something for which I’m thankful. An organized home makes caring for a home simpler.

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12 Ideas for an Organized Home by @CraftivityDfrom left to right & top to bottom

  1. Drying delicate clothes made simpler with a thrifted towel rack turned drying rack.
  2. Caring for baby made simpler with toiletries at hand in a pocketed crib organizer.
  3. Arriving home made simpler with a spot to drop mail and keys.
  4. Leaving home made simpler with baskets for shoes and a console table for “items to go.”
  5. Storing toys and books made simpler with open shelving.
  6. Getting dressed made simpler with a wardrobe that can accommodate folded and handing items.
  7. Laundry made simpler with plenty of wall hooks for laundered clothing.
  8. Picking-up made simpler with soft baskets for toys and a display spot for play magnets.
  9. Displaying photos made simpler with a mail rack.
  10. Corralling toys made simpler with a hide-away playroom and display shelves for the kids’ creations.
  11. Storytime made simpler with book ledges.
  12. Displaying artwork made simpler with magnet clips.


Of course, I see — and interact — with these everyday in our home; but seeing them all in my IG feed reminded me how much we’ve accomplished since we moved in 2 years ago. Plus, it’s only a sampling since it’s just the photos that I have happened to share. Take a look at your IG feed, what does it tell you about your home? Or, if you aren’t on IG, walk around your home. Don’t think what needs to be done. Instead, look for all the projects that you’ve already completed.

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