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How To Make DIY Napkin Rings From Leather

Learn how to make easy DIY Napkin Rings from scrap leather. These leather napkin rings are the perfect addition to a summer BBQ, casual outdoor wedding, or rustic holiday table setting.

Our new home has a lovely, large patio — and I just can’t wait to start eating outdoors {can you believe it has been snowing today?! in April!}. It’s no doubt that our new, leather napkin rings will be making an appearance because they are just perfect for a summer BBQ! Planning any get-togethers? Make these easy DIY Napkin Rings in minutes!

diy napkin rings tutorial, leather napkin ring, ticking cloth napkin

Yes, seriously, minutes. In only four simple steps, you’ll have stylish, modern napkin rings for your next dinner party.

Supply List

How to Make DIY Napkin Rings from Leather

  1. First, cut the leather scraps into 7.5″ long strips using a rotary cutter on a self-healing mat. Each strip should be approximately 1″ wide at the base and approximately .3″ at the top.
  2. Next, cut the top at an angle in order to bring the leather strip to a point.leather scraps, rotary cutter, diy napkin rings, ticking cloth napkin
  3. Once the leather strips are properly cut, punch holes with a leather hole punch. At the largest hole setting, I punched 3 overlapping holes in order to create a slot wide enough for the pointed leather tip.Don’t punch too many holes! If the slot gets too wide, it won’t hold the leather in place. After you punch two holes, check how snug the leather is inside the slot. If it’s too tight, punch a third {and so on…}.leather scraps, leather hole punch, diy napkin rings, ticking cloth napkin
  4. Finally, wrap cloth napkins with the DIY napkin rings. Pull the pointed tip through the slot until snug, and decorate your table!leather napkin ring, ticking cloth napkin

DIY Napkin Rings

Don’t you love them? My favorite projects are those that are stylish and simple, and this leather craft definitely fits the bill! Whether I’m serving our family of 4 or hosting a party for 20, easy leather napkin rings are a manageable project.

casual place setting with leather diy napkin ring, ticking cloth napkin, mason jar glass, burlap placemat

At our table, I paired the DIY napkin rings with a burlap placemat, mason jar glass, and homemade fabric napkins {tutorial coming soon!} for a casual meal.

Love this creative leather craft project? Pin it!

diy napkin rings tutorial, leather napkin ring, ticking cloth napkin

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Psst… Crushing on those ticking stripe fabric napkins? Head over to The Weathered Fox for the full tutorial.

diy farmhouse style cloth napkins

ticking strip fabric napkins, leather diy napkin ring

Tips & Tricks

  • Choose a thicker or heavyweight leather if you want the napkin rings to be stiff, with a substantial presence around the napkin. If you’d like a tighter fit around the napkin and a delicate look, choose a thinner, lightweight leather.
  • If the leather doesn’t cut cleanly in a spot, grab a pair of sewing scissors to tidy up the edge.

FAQs about Leather

Where can I find affordable leather?
I always check several places when I’m looking for leather.

  1. Hobby Lobby has bags of scrap leather priced reasonably {and even better when you add a 40% off coupon!}.
  2. If you don’t have access to a large local craft store, try searching for scrap leather on Amazon.
  3. Keep an eye out for old leather bags and coats at thrift stores. These clothing items can be cut apart and repurposed for scrap leather in craft projects {check out my leather coasters and cord keepers, made from a deconstructed pair of leather pants and a coat}.

Can I use a glossy-finish leather to make DIY Napkin Rings?
Yes! There are some leather craft projects for which you must use a matte or suede leather. However, this project isn’t one of them — choose whichever finish you prefer.

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