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I’ve Been Thrifting…

It’s been a while since Erica and I have shared a post simply about our thrifting adventures — so after a very successful outing last weekend, I thought it was time to share!

Mike and I took the youth to Lexington last weekend, which is where we used to live and home to my favorite consignment and antique shop, Feather Your Nest. I had in mind several items to search for:

  • Vintage Suitcases for Storage
  • A Small Chair for our Bedroom
  • Side Table/End Tables or an Item that could serve that purpose.

I came home with some of these, as well as a few other bonus finds!

Let’s start off with this so-cute vintage planter and gorgeous succulent.  It’s hard to kill and only needs water every several weeks. That’s my kind of plant.

I felt like 12 bucks wasn’t too shabby since even if I made one on my own, I’d have to buy the planter, succulent, soil, and moss. It’s been on the hutch and sitting at my coffee-bar-in-progress {pictured below}, we’ll see where it ends up. Erica, you’ll recognize the curtains in the background from one of our other thrifting trips. Also, if you are curious, that is our perpetual calendar sitting directly behind the succulents.

Next, I came across this vintage suitcase. It was calling my name with it’s blues and greens… my fave colors by far. They are all throughout our home. Not only is this suitcase pretty, it is the perfect size for storing items like scarves or tights. If this had been a standard solid colored vintage suitcase, I would not have paid $19.

Tip: If you’ve never bought a vintage suitcase before, always check out the smell inside it, some of them can be very musty. I’ll usually pass on those because there are enough out there to pick up a good-smelling reasonably priced vintage suitcase somewhere else.

It’s only been a few weeks since I completed our pantry, but my little plastic stool broke. At 5′ tall it’s hard for me to reach the top shelves without some type of stool. When I came across this old-fashioned milk stool it was a no-brainer. Not only is it super-sturdy, but it’s also already gray which matches the pantry perfectly. I don’t even have to paint!

I’ve definitely seen stools for less than $20, but often they are rickety and need a paint job. If I’d bought a new plastic one to replace the broken one, I’d have to spend at least $10 and it wouldn’t be half as cute.

See, perfect?

Now, this last little find is my favorite of the day… and such an affordable price.

And they swivel…

And there were 2 of them!

I bought both — because the size was great, the look was great, the price was great {this one went for $95 on Furnishly} and it would have been so, so sad to seperate them.

You’ll see more of these guys, no worries there. I have one in my bedroom already but I’m also thinking they could work as pair at a round play table too… kind of like this.

If you’re curious, here’s how I did on my list:

  • Vintage Suitcases for Storage
  • A Small Chair for our Bedroom plus one!
  • Side Table/End Tables or an Item that could serve that purpose.

Oddly we didn’t have hardly any side tables in our old home, and there are 5 spots in this home that could use one. I’ve got some thrifting work to do there 😉 !!

Have you come across any great finds lately?

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Craftivity Designs

Tuesday 18th of March 2014

I know! I couldn't believe the price.

Craftivity Designs

Tuesday 18th of March 2014

I just couldn't do it ;)


Wednesday 12th of March 2014

great finds! those chairs are fabulous! it was so thoughtful of you not to break them up; they've probably been together their whole lives ;)