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Coffee Bar Art for a Kitchen

Our new hometown is 30 minutes from a Starbucks. This is good for my wallet… but sad for my love of Iced Mochas. Luckily, we have a great local coffee shop about 20 minutes up the interstate — but I still only get there maybe once a week.

My thoughtful husband bought me a Keurig before we moved, knowing that this would be the case… and knowing my addiction to coffee.

So we’re I’m putting together a coffee bar in our kitchen. The Keurig is my first stop every morning. Right now it sits on our countertops; but since this is a galley kitchen our counter space is limited and the Keurig needs to move. It will end up on this coffee bar as soon as we have the outlet in this corner fixed.

You peaked a glimpse of this spot recently when I shared my recent thrifting finds. I’ve tweaked this spot a bit more, with what may be my favorite print ever.

I have a hard time waking up {happily, anyway} without a cup of coffee. But as much as I love a cup of coffee, I need Jesus so.much.more.

Can I just say, that these floral curtains are becoming one of my favorite thrifted buys ever?

Mike hasn’t grown to love like them yet; but I think the combination of plaid wallpaper, dotted wallpaper and the fruit borders might be throwing him off?? It is a bit distracting…

Ahhh, the magic of a cropped photo. You didn’t even realize all that colorful wallpaper was hiding out around my new coffee bar. Once we finish the wallpaper and renovation in the bath, this wallpaper may end up being next on the hit list.

If you feel similarly about coffee and Jesus, you can purchase this printable in our Etsy Shop.

Do you have a special spot to fix your coffee in the morning?
Have you ever picked up a thrifted item, like these curtains, and then come to love it much more after it’s in your home? What was it?