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12 Gorgeous Shibori Fabrics for DIY Projects

Looking for Shibori fabrics? Available by the yard, these gorgeous Shibori fabrics for DIY Projects and crafts include both hand-dyed and printed options.

Shibori fabrics are very popular in home decor; used for throw pillows, table linens, towels, and more. The stunning indigo and white patterns are bold and organic, perfect for DIY projects and crafts for the home. Today, I’ll help you find the best online sources for Shibori fabrics.

12 Shibori Fabrics by the yard for Craft and DIY Projects

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What is Shibori?

Shibori is an artistic tie-dye method that originates in Japan. Various Shibori techniques involve a combination of folding, twisting, tieing, and stitching fabric to create various patterns.

Traditionally, Shibori is made with a natural indigo dye from plants. Now it is available in synthetic forms, including RIT dyes (here is a shibori recipe using RIT dye).

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Printed vs. Hand-Dyed Shibori

When shopping for Shibori fabrics, you’ll find that some are described as “hand-dyed” and others described as “printed.” Here is the difference:

Hand-Dyed Shibori Fabrics

Hand-dyed shibori fabrics are handmade and dyed by hand. Hand-dyed fabrics are the most authentic versions of Shibori (and even more authentic if natural Indigo dye is used).

Hand-dyed fabrics are one-of-a-kind. No two pieces of fabric are exactly alike, as variation in design and color are inherent to the hand-dying process.

Printed Shibori Fabric

Printed Shibori fabrics are created in 1 of two ways:

  • hand-dyed shibori is scanned and reprinted (much like an original painting which is reproduced in lower-cost printed versions)
  • Shibori patterns are digitally designed within art software and printed onto fabric

While printed Shibori is less authentic, it is often available in larger quantities than hand-dyed. If you are completing a large DIY Shibori project – such as a duvet – printed Shibori may be necessary due to the amount of yardage.

12 Shibori Fabrics

Buy Shibori fabric by the yard, or in fat quarters, in hand-dyed or printed versions from online sellers.

Shibori Fabrics for DIY Projects

Which Shibori fabric is your favorite? I love the Hand-Dyed Stripe by Cape Cod Shibori (a creator of small-batch, hand-dyed fabrics) and think it would be stunning for Shibori cloth napkins or throw pillows.

I’m also tempted to grab a linen or cotton sampler pack. Having several Shibori fabrics in my stash would be handy for home decor crafts.

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12 Shibori Fabrics for DIY projects and crafts that you can buy online