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Simple Bathroom Organization Tips

Have you been working on organizing the bathroom this week? It’s hard to believe but we are already over halfway done with the 8-Week Organizing Challenge!

Those of you who’ve been around a bit may remember our home tour and that the upstairs bathroom is going to be our first major project in the new house.

We’ve actually made progress on those renovation plans and are hoping to purchase a few things this week and get started on the demo in the next week or two.

With that in mind, I chose to focus on some simple organizational improvements in that room — things that we can use after we renovate too. In fact, we used several of these in our last home, they just needed a little refreshing!

I loathe those cute little toothbrush holders. They lure me in with their cuteness — ya know — coordinating with the soap dispenser and all. Then they look so shiny, pretty and inexpensive sitting on Target’s shelves… but then you bring them in your house and it all changes. Those drippy toothbrushes make the metal rust, and the toothpaste scum dries to the top, sides, bottom, everywhere. So of course, you should just clean them; but then you have to find a spot for the toothbrushes in the meantime. AND, that is assuming it is easy to clean — a tiny hole in the base of the tumbler does not count as easy.

Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit? But, seriously, we’ve tried several types and they’ve all just ended up being a waste of money in our opinion. Now we go simple — we use 2 mason jars. One is being cleaned and the other is in the bathroom. When it gets soap-scummy, we switch them out. So much easier.

The mason jar sits right down inside the basket, so even as it starts to collect a little of the toothpaste-scummy-ness, it’s not glaring at us every day that we forget to go grab the clean mason jar. These are the types of solutions that make me proud to be an engineer 😉

That little basket is a silverware basket and it works like a charm at keeping our vanity counter organized.

I picked it up at a yard sale for less than a couple bucks. We use the little slots for toiletries, q-tips, etc. It has made me look at these silverware baskets in a whole new light and now I keep my eye out for them at thrift stores and on clearance racks. They could be used for all kinds of small items.

In our last home we had a hall bath and master bath, so my little boy’s bath products were separate. In this house we simply have an upstairs bath {shared by our family} and a downstairs bath for guests. So we’ve had to make room for him on our counters.

Since, like him, his stuff is pretty little, they corral perfectly in a small dish. I found this dish at a yard sale as well and it has been great for small items, while looking pretty too!

These solutions will all work in our new bathroom {which I can’t wait to share more about soon!} and in our current situation. What simple organizing solutions do you use in your bathroom?

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