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The “It’s a New Year” Post

So since we took a blogging break between Christmas and the start of the New Year — we’re coming in a week late to share our 5 biggest posts from 2014… along with a few goals for 2015.

Most-Viewed Posts Published in 2014

#5: 8-Week Organizing Challenge // Kitchen & Pantry

#4: Bathroom Renovation // The Reveal

#3: Faux Weathered Wood Shelves

#2: 10 Ideas to Organize a Small Bathroom

#1: 175+ Organizing Solutions for Your Home


2015 Goals

#1: Continue to expand the selection in our Etsy Shop. Over the last 2 months we’ve added about 15 prints and we want to continue to create, design and grow our shop!
#2: Share the easy ideas that really make a difference in our everyday lives. I love the “A Simple Tip” series we’ve been doing and appreciate similar quick tips from other bloggers as well {check out the “1-2-3 Easy Decorating Ideas” Series by Emily A. Clark, for example.}

#3: Write the boring, but helpful, posts. Some of our most viewed all-time posts aren’t full of pretty photos. For example, how to pull up staples out of wood floors, our experience using Deck Restore, and open house tips. One of the things I love most about the blog world is getting real perspectives and recommendations from real people… and as a blogger, I love to be able to help people by sharing my experience with this project or that product. So, it’s time to stop procrastinating and write some of those important posts… get excited, people, one will be about our toilet 😉

#4: Interacting with other bloggers is such a blessing; but it’s not always easy to do! The great thing about the online world is sharing with others who have the same interests as you {I understand that not everyone in my day-to-day life is incredibly interested in paint colors, thrift store finds and re-organizing drawers… it’s shocking, I know}. This year we’d like to interact more with our blog friends — and hopefully introduce you to some more of them, too.

#5: Finally, we’d love to find out more about our readers! This isn’t always easy to do; but we’d love to get to know you better and find out what you enjoy most about our blog. What keeps you reading? Which types of posts are your favorite? Hopefully, we can come up with some creative ways to interact with you in 2015. Of course, if you have some thoughts or ideas already — please share!!

Craftivity Designs

Thursday 8th of January 2015

It is interesting! Apparently organization was a hit this year for our blog -- even though I'd say we write more posts about decor than anything else.

Thanks for your sweet comments about our goals! It's intimidating to throw them out there, ya know? For one, it's a little personal -- as in, what is important to us -- and two, it holds us accountable :) So I appreciate your kind thoughts so much!

Emily, Our house now a home

Thursday 8th of January 2015

I will have to check out there posts. It is always interesting to see what is popular, sometimes it surprises me for my blog as well. I am shocked like you to know people don't like to talk about paint colors in real life, what?!!! I started blogging for my own reasons, but the interaction with readers and fellow bloggers is one of THE biggest things that keeps me going. Love your goals for the year!