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5 Tips to Create a Cozy Home

We all have different visions for our homes, but many of us would like to create a cozy home:
– a home that feels welcoming and warm
– a home that makes hospitality simple
– a home that keeps everyday life relaxed.

5 Tips to Create a Cozy Home by @CraftivityD for @aldentegourmet

These are a few of the ways that I’d describe the vision for my home. What do you think of when you envision a cozy home?

Today, I’m over at Aldy’s blog, Al Dente Gourmet, sharing 5 Tips to Create a Cozy Home. You all know that I’m passionate about creating a home and telling the story of a family, through our homes. The tips that you’ll find over at Aldy’s will help you express your family’s story, personality, and history…. all while creating a cozy space.

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As I mentioned last week, Aldy and I’ve been participating in the Solidarity Sisters series from Simple Moments Stick. I’m excited to be over in her neck of the interwebs, sharing a bit about my home. I hope you’ll head over to learn a little more about creating a cozy home.

Alix Maza

Monday 6th of June 2016

Always love a cozy home!

Alix |


Friday 13th of May 2016

I read your tips and left a comment over there! Thank you for the great tips and the awesome photos!!

Monday 16th of May 2016

Thanks for visiting Aldy's blog!


Friday 13th of May 2016

Yay cant wait to check out your post on Aldys blog.

xoxo, Jenny

Monday 16th of May 2016

Thanks, Jenny!


Thursday 12th of May 2016

I just clicked the link and checked out the 5 tips -- short, simple, and easy to understand. I'd have to say that interior design is my weak link, I don't understand it really. However, after reading your five points, the things that you said made sense. Especially the textures, because that's so true, it will make you want to go out and grab it! Thank you for sharing these easy steps and ideas for us non-crafty people!

Monday 16th of May 2016

So glad it was helpful :)