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Kentucky Door Stop

While shopping at a Flea Market here in Lexington (the same day I found my Botanical Chart print), I came across this cool stone mold of Kentucky.

In case you’re questioning your geography skills (or mine) — yes, the state is backwards — because it is a mold.

It cost me $9 which is more than I might normally pay for something that will probably end up just sitting around, BUT, it is a backwards Kentucky. And I’m not sure how many places you could find that. {That was not meant to be a pun… please refrain from any jokes about Kentucky being backwards… not that there would ever be such jokes… but just in case.}

Anywho, I did think that it needed something more to make it stand out a bit. I remembered this image I’d seen from Kirsten at 6th Street Design School.

She used a bold red paint on the inside of a basic frame to make it look like a custom frame for her son’s bedroom makeover. I love little surprises when decorating your home. This is an unexpected pop of color that adds such interesting detail to an average frame.

So, I thought I’d apply that concept to my Kentucky mold with some bright blue acrylic paint that I picked up at Michaels.

It took a few coats, but I knew I was going to like it right away. I didn’t worry about making the edges perfect, as I wanted the imperfections in the stone mold to still show.

For now it’s working as a doorstop, but I’m sure it will double as a bookend someday too.