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100+ Creative Art and Craft Ideas for Adults

100+ creative art and craft ideas for adults! Crafts for the Home, DIY Decorating Ideas, Handmade Gifts, and Holiday Ideas.

Art and Craft Ideas for Adults


  1. Make an acrylic tray.
  2. Organize spices with chalkboard paint.
  3. Paint a chalkboard menu board.
  4. Add a little color to canning jars.
  5. Corral pins with a DIY pin cushion.
  6. Make boring plastic bins pretty.
  7. Mark herbs with wooden flag signs.
  8. Collect kitchen necessities with a DIY stand.
  9. Make a rustic jute-wrapped bowl.
  10. Store trinkets in glam boxes.
  11. Sew fabric trays.
  12. Hang towels with striped wall hooks.
  13. Keep lists on a DIY clay chalkboard.
  14. Paint a clipboard shopping list.
  15. Create clay knobs that double as labels and pulls.
  16. Add vintage jewels to storage boxes.
  17. Corral jewelry with a DIY tiered stand.
  18. Make a framed to-do list for the fridge.
  19. Serve drinks on a hexagon-pieced tray.
  20. Give clear canning jars a vintage, blue tint.
  21. Corral office supplies with a lucite tray.
  22. Make magnetic message boards with vintage trays.
  23. Add fancy knobs to closet drawers.
  24. Create a huge storage cabinet from an old metal shelf.
  25. Update storage boxes with a touch of glam.
  26. Store pens and pencils with a DIY desk organizer.
  27. Organize pretties on a scalloped tray.
  28. Corral blankets or toys in a pretty crate.
  29. Make a bulletin board to organize paper clutter.
  30. DIY a matching set of jewelry holders.
  31. Organize kitchen utensils with DIY modern holders.
  32. Collect toys in an industrial crate with wheels.
  33. Make string bowls to hold fresh fruit.
  34. Store extra blankets and pillows in stylish numbered crates.
  35. Set up a simple command center with a collection of cork boards.
  36. Makeover a basic closet with a custom organization system.
  37. Organize toiletries in modern wood boxes.
  38. Add a bit of gold foil to make any tray chic.
  39. Don’t settle for boring glass pantry jars (make these instead!).
  40. Upgrade basic boxes with stylish wood labels.
  41. Line drawers with gift wrap.
  42. Organize the laundry room with a clever, and simple, drying rack.
  43. Wrap and paint stylish rope bowls for trinkets.
  44. Make a tiered jewelry organizer.
  45. Hang jewelry on a driftwood branch.
  46. Display prized jewelry in a showcase frame.
  47. Print free labels and organize the pantry.
  48. Add extra shelf storage with an old door.
  49. Marble a colorful tray.
  50. Organize the fridge with colorful fruit magnets.
  51. Add color to boring storage boxes.
  52. Make a stylish gold tray for jewelry.
  53. Store jewelry with this old frame upcycle.
  54. Make your cleaning buckets pretty.
  55. Create industrial-style wire baskets for less.
  56. Build modern jewelry storage.
  57. Recycle old tin containers into storage.
  58. Build a slim magazine rack.
  59. Take control of trash in the car with a pretty tote basket.
  60. Add hanging loops to dishcloths.
  61. Organize craft supplies in a card catalog.
  62. Dye a batik picnic blanket.
  63. Save money in a cookie jar.
  64. Build a bath tray to hold bubble bath essentials.
  65. Hang scarves on an old chair back.
  66. Cover a boring journal for jotting to-do lists.
  67. Store small items in leather upholstered mini-drawers.

Wall Art

  1. Create your own glittery State Art.
  2. Paint art-inspired letters.
  3. Hang a set of rustic letter signs.
  4. Create simple embroidery hoop art.
  5. Turn an old window into a map.
  6. Make a plate wall with this trick.
  7. Display family photos with a simple clipboard.
  8. Create still-life monogram letters.
  9. Document special dates with a canvas photo wrap.
  10. Show off family photos with a chicken-wire display board.
  11. Wrap a matte with fabric.
  12. Make a lightbox wall sign.
  13. Cut out chipboard to make signs.
  14. Cover a wall with Instagram pics.
  15. Use an empty frame to display photos.
  16. Encourage someone with this free print.
  17. Make a vintage-style plate to hang.
  18. Paint a canvas for a child’s room.
  19. Fill a focal wall with yarn art.
  20. Hang numbered plates.
  21. Use scrap paper to make pieced artwork.
  22. Hang watercolor art.
  23. Paint simple brushstrokes for art.
  24. Decorate bright, patterned plates to hang.
  25. Make abstract art.
  26. Skip paint and make art with nail polish.
  27. Note special places with this state artwork.
  28. Mark herbs with chalkboard pots.
  29. ‘Play’ Scrabble and make family name art.
  30. Display photos on corkboard squares.
  31. Make a pallet sign with a favorite quote.
  32. Go nautical with painted oars.
  33. Make clothespins fancy in order to hang photos.
  34. Add dimension to walls with Greek key molding.
  35. Create the look of agate with watercolors.
  36. Paint a favorite Bible verse on a wood sign.
  37. Add a high-end detail to a basic mirror.
  38. Wrap a large letter, number, or ampersand with fabric.
  39. Paint a monogram on a cutting board for the kitchen.
  40. Display the 50 states in fabric.
  41. Celebrate your home state with glitter.
  42. Layer craft board to create dimensional feather art.
  43. Leave notes on a metal tray, with scrabble tiles.
  44. Brush on bright paint over out-dated artwork.
  45. Display photos by upcycling an old frame.
  46. Learn how to make abstract art.
  47. Cut glass easily to create a modern mirror.
  48. Make simple string art using a cork board.
  49. Create glittery banners for the walls.
  50. Recreate a work of art in pixels.
  51. Attach faux blooms to an oversized letter.
  52. Make quilt-style artwork from fabric scraps.
  53. Share a bit of love with this sweet sign.
  54. Learn how to paint an ikat design.
  55. Paint folk-art on tree slices.
  56. Layer paints over reclaimed wood.
  57. Watercolor a world map.
  58. Make a sunburst mirror.
  59. Try this vintage antiquing technique on giant letters.
  60. Hang hand-lettered art next to your coffee maker.
  61. Display art with colorful hangers.
  62. Paint rustic bison art on wood.
  63. Hang a glamorous gallery wall.
  64. Stencil an intricate wall mural.
  65. Update a plain wall with hexadots.
  66. Assemble a geometric heart.
  67. Build a wood clock from pallets.
  68. Hand-letter a faux chalkboard wall hanging.
  69. Make a herringbone style framed mirror.
  70. Hang pretty circular mirrors.
  71. Display a wall of collector plates.
  72. Make mudcloth-style art from reclaimed wood.
  73. Try your hand at boho macrame art.
  74. Make faux vintage farmhouse signs.
  75. Paint birthday number plates.
  76. Repurpose an antique vanity mirror.
  77. Try this rope artwork for a coastal style.
  78. Prep a set of pretty notecards for your office.

Home Decor

  1. Reupholster an old footstool.
  2. Brighten basic coasters with washi tape.
  3. Make a wreath from paper.
  4. Update a boring mousepad.
  5. Fill a focal wall with polka dots.
  6. Create farmhouse vases from canning jars.
  7. Update a basic white vase.
  8. Sew ruffled curtains.
  9. Update an old lampshade.
  10. Wrap a lampshade in jute.
  11. Makeover an outdated side table.
  12. Transform an antique dresser.
  13. Build your own x-leg sofa table.
  14. Try this clever tip for a renter-friendly ‘mounted’ headboard.
  15. Add style to basic barstools.
  16. Stencil your own shower curtain.
  17. Paint a striped rug.
  18. Create a sweet, ruffled lampshade.
  19. Make full, flowing, ruffled curtains.
  20. Update a vintage kitchen cart.
  21. Paint an outdated bath vanity.
  22. Give your doormat some personality.
  23. Reupholster barstools with striped fabric.
  24. Feature your home state on a pillow.
  25. Paint a DIY zebra print rug.
  26. Cover books with fabric.
  27. Update an old ceiling light and fan.
  28. Update a table with a marble top.
  29. Turn an inexpensive hamper into a side table.
  30. Wrap an unattractive light cord.
  31. Build a fancy nail trim headboard.
  32. Splatter paint a pillow cover.
  33. Give bold wallpaper a try.
  34. Paint campaign-style furniture in a bold color.
  35. Make a rope rug.
  36. Dress up drawers with faux marble knobs.
  37. Make gemstone photo stands.
  38. Get the look of specimen drawers at a fraction of the price.
  39. Make a rag rug.
  40. Paint a stylish step stool to help kids reach the sink.
  41. Update outdated ceramic lamps with a faux zinc finish.
  42. Paint {yes, paint!} old upholstered furniture.
  43. Build a modern pendant lamp.
  44. Paint a set of pretty pots for succulents.
  45. Create your own kilim-style rug.
  46. Wrap wall shelves in copper.
  47. Refashion a rug into a headboard.
  48. Refinish an old dresser with a tribal design.
  49. Build large, modern, copper pulls for a dresser makeover.
  50. Make your own statement shower curtain.
  51. Build a child’s reading nook.
  52. Use leather straps to hang shelves.
  53. Make marbled hanging planters.
  54. Customize cubbies to look like apothecary furniture.
  55. Cover a metal desk chair in bright fabric.
  56. Hang a clever, inexpensive, headboard.
  57. Refinish an old cabinet.
  58. Stencil a vinyl floor.
  59. Knot an easy 3-tiered hanging planter.
  60. Create an apothecary cabinet from an inexpensive dresser.
  61. Update a brass planter with white stripes.
  62. Upholster a curved headboard.
  63. Stamp a graphic pillow with potatoes.
  64. Raise your nightstand with stylish legs.
  65. Make your own rustic spheres.
  66. Add a graphic “wallpaper.”
  67. Build a window valance without power tools.
  68. Upholster a bench.
  69. Build a coffee table from pallets.
  70. Cover an outdated pouf.
  71. Create colorful coasters.
  72. Hand-letter his and hers pillows.
  73. Make an end table from an old card catalog.
  74. Sew a greek key pillow cover.
  75. Try this easy update for a white dresser.
  76. Update an antique footstool with twine.
  77. Paint white florals on a simple wood dresser.
  78. Cover a footstool with a rag rug.
  79. Display family photos is a lantern.
  80. Make a modern, sculptural vase.


  1. Throw a soft pink and rose gold party.
  2. Dye paper flowers.
  3. Make a banner with washi tape.
  4. Sew vintage bunting.
  5. Take folding chairs from boring to bold.
  6. Tie an easy fabric garland.
  7. Fill glass jars with candy for a quick party favor.
  8. Throw a Derby Party with these printables.
  9. Celebrate the Fourth of July with vintage book page flag art.
  10. Make a centerpiece planter from a fruit basket.
  11. Dip and dye napkins for your next party.
  12. Collect fabric swatches to match a parties’ theme for a modern pennant banner.
  13. Make a striped flower vase with paint.
  14. Dip vases for a marbled centerpiece.
  15. Make a wreath from cupcake wrappers.
  16. Cut fabric scraps to create a simple banner.
  17. Set a table with distressed candlesticks.
  18. Make chalkboard bunting to use and reuse for any party.
  19. Set candles atop a wood table runner.
  20. Cover trees with burlap.
  21. Feature a toy car in a snow globe.
  22. Paint simple wood ornaments.
  23. Make ornaments from old spindles.
  24. Decorate a mirror for Christmas.
  25. Create a Thanksgiving banner from burlap and wood.
  26. Display utensils in a burlap holder.

Holiday and Seasonal

  1. Make a bright, spring wreath.
  2. Hang fresh art for spring.
  3. Make an ocean-inspired summer wreath.
  4. Create a Himelli wreath for the front door.
  5. Paint simple plant markers for spring gardening.
  6. Update an old lantern into a greenhouse.
  7. Add a nautical footstool to the patio.
  8. Decorate planters with fabric for spring.
  9. Paint wooden Easter art.
  10. Print out simple Spring art.
  11. Celebrate summer with a colorful banner.
  12. Welcome summer with a sunshine sign!
  13. Make shiny gold and silver Easter eggs.
  14. Build a hexagon pumpkin.
  15. Roll flowers from magazines for dimensional seasonal decor.
  16. Paint a fall garden flag.
  17. Decorate a grapevine wreath for fall.
  18. Fold craft paper into a stylish fall wreath.
  19. Use hardware store supplies to make a spring vase.
  20. A little glitter fancies up a simple centerpiece.
  21. Update clay pots for an Easter centerpiece.
  22. Print this adorable spring artwork.
  23. Create a spring shadow box.
  24.  Sew adorable love notes for Valentines.
  25. Create winter decor with yarn.
  26. Print out holiday gift tags.
  27. Make color blocked ornaments.
  28. Glitter oversized JOY letters.
  29. Craft paper ball and bead ornaments.
  30. Make marquee look-alike NOEL letters.
  31. Create faux vintage bottle brush trees.
  32. Say JOY with scrabble blocks.
  33. Decorate for fall with a wood banner.
  34. Wire a DIY lighted marquee sign.
  35. Make a festive snow globe.
  36. Turn Instagram photos into ornaments.
  37. Wrap paper trees.
  38. Make glitter trees.
  39. Hang a festive advent calendar.
  40. Paint an old globe for Christmas.
  41. Build himmeli ornaments.
  42. Throw a handmade gift wrap party.
  43. Melt crayons into ornaments with the kids.
  44. Make Christmas art with gold foil.
  45. Create a candy corn themed banner for fall.
  46. Celebrate Halloween with this fun wreath idea.


  1. Pack a S’more gift basket.
  2. Celebrate an anniversary with art.
  3. Make bright kitchen utensils to pair with a favorite recipe.
  4. Sew a fabric alphabet for a little one.
  5. Plant a succulent in a painted jar.
  6. Wrap bangles with brightly colored floral fabric for all your gal pals.
  7. Mold clay ring dishes in a modern hexagon shape.
  8. Stencil monogrammed tea towels.
  9. Give a succulent in a ruler planter for a favorite teacher.
  10. Iron vinyl messages onto tea towels.
  11. Cover basic boxes with pretty paper for baked goods.
  12. Mold a marbled ring dish.

Craftivity Designs

Monday 11th of March 2013

Thanks Chelsea! I love your blog!

Chelsea @ two twenty one

Monday 11th of March 2013

Thanks so much for including my glitter state art in your awesome round up!

Craftivity Designs

Friday 8th of March 2013

You are very welcome! I love your style!

Mrs. DeVore

Friday 8th of March 2013

Thanks so much for the feature! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

Craftivity Designs

Friday 8th of March 2013

Thanks Cassie! I agree, I love the gold trend right now!!