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Before & After Photos of German Schmear Fireplaces

Does your fireplace need a makeover? These before and after photos of German Schmear (or ‘smear’) fireplaces will inspire you to update your brick or stone hearth!

Our German Schmear brick fireplace project has been a hit, which got me thinking: wouldn’t it be great to see German Schmear (also called ‘smear’) in other homes, too?! So, today, I’ve rounded up a collection of gorgeous German Schmear fireplace before and after photos.

Before and After Photos of Fireplaces with German Schmear

Is it ok to Paint Brick?

Yes! I’ve painted a brick fireplace, completed a german schmear treatment on brick, and even painted a faux brick backsplash. Painting brick has proven to be a durable, cost-effective, DIY project that truly brightens a room.

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I love brick… the rustic texture, it’s strength and durability. However, I prefer a lighter color palette. German Schmear is the best of both worlds – lightening brick without fully covering it. You retain the character of brick, while still brightening up a room.

If you’re interested in trying this technique on your exterior, check out these examples of exteriors with German Schmear.

Before and After German Schmear

Note: To see both the before and after photo, click “continue reading”. I only included either the before or after in this post. Please click through to the homeowner’s post in order to see the before and after side by side.

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Before and After Photos of Fireplaces with German Schmear