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How to Brighten a Dark Room (the Ultimate Guide!)

Trying to figure out how to brighten a dark room (or rooms) in your house? With over 17 ideas, you are sure to find a trick that fits your budget.

Over the last 10 years, we have bought and renovated 3 homes. When you buy older homes – and especially fixer-uppers – they generally don’t come with white walls, white woodwork, and recessed lighting… all common in new builds. Facing these challenges repeatedly, we’ve learned how to brighten a dark room.

And truthfully, I like that challenge. Older homes – lacking in modern lighting and current decorating trends – are filled with character. It’s through the process of brightening a dark room, that you highlight its best features.

17 Ways to Brighten a Dark Room by Craftivity Designs

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The Ultimate Guide: How to Brighten a Dark Room

This post is filled with tons of ways to brighten a dark room. To make it simpler to digest, I’ve broken it down into 5 categories so you can navigate the content as you please.

Simply click the link to jump to the topic of interest.

  1. Paint | How to Brighten a Dark Room with Paint
    1. Paint Walls
    2. Paint Brick
    3. Paint Wood Trim Work
    4. Paint Built-In Shelves
    5. Paint Cabinets
    6. Paint Interior Doors
    7. Paint Furniture
  2. Window Treatments | How to Brighten a Dark Room with Window Treatments
    1. White Curtains
    2. Light-Filtering Curtains
    3. Curtain Height and Width
  3. Furniture | How to Brighten a Dark Room with Furniture
    1. Furniture Color
    2. Furniture Height and Scale
  4. Lighting | How to Brighten a Dark Room with Lighting
    1. Ceiling Lighting
    2. Wall Lighting
    3. Bookcase and Artwork Lighting
  5. Renovations | How to Bright a Dark Room through Renovations
    1. Window Style
    2. Cabinetry Renovation

How to Brighten a Dark Room with Paint

One of the most inexpensive ways to brighten a dark room is with paint. A gallon of light paint can brighten a space in less than a day’s work – and not just by painting the walls.

Let me re-emphasize that: Painting walls is not the only way to brighten a room with paint.

Whether you paint walls, brick, trim work, furniture, etc… it’s a tool that can brighten your home. Choose the paint application(s) that best fit your style and personality.

Paint Walls

Light paint colors, white included, can brighten a dark room. However, it’s important to understand a few color basics, first.

Living Room Before and After

White paint brightens rooms because it reflects natural light. Therefore, if a room lacks natural light, white walls may not help.

In fact, in a room lacking natural light, white wall paint (especially whites with gray and purple undertones) can look flat and gloomy. Plus, without plenty of natural light, white walls are prone to shadows.

Therefore, you can have a brighter home with or without white wall paint.

Paint Brick

Maybe you don’t want to paint the walls? … or … Are the walls are already painted in a color that lightened the room, but it still feels dark? Take a look at architectural features such as brick fireplaces, stone fireplaces, and interior brick walls.

Due to their size, brick fireplaces and walls are often the focal points in a room. Therefore, brick can greatly impact how light and bright a room feels.

In our last home, we brightened our dining room by painting the brick fireplace.

TIP: To paint a brick fireplace, color-match the trim work for a seamless look.

Brick Fireplace Before and After White Paint to Brighten a Dark Room

If you love brick, you don’t have to paint it completely. Instead try a German Schmear, Mortar Wash, or whitewash effect to lighten it up, while retaining the brick’s character.

Brick Fireplace Before and After German Schmear to Brighten a Dark Room
Brick Fireplace Before and After German Schmear to Brighten a Dark Room

Paint Wood Trim Work

Like brick, wood trim work can impact how dark a room feels. However, I’m not an advocate of the “paint everything white” movement. Rather, I recommend selecting some wood trim work to paint white.

For example, our dining room has pretty crown molding. The wood is of high quality, and the crown molding is a statement piece.

In contrast, the base trim and chair rail are made from inexpensive wood and are standard 3″ trim.

Floral Curtain, White Trim, White Walls, and Plant in a Dining Room

So, we painted all of the trim except for the high-quality wood. This technique actually highlights the crown molding and makes the room brighter (win, win!).

Dining Room Before and After

Paint Built-In Shelves

Like wood trim or brick, dark built-in shelving can greatly impact how dark a room feels.

Let’s take a journey back to our first home (over 10 years ago!). The living room had wall to wall built-ins. While I loved the storage, I wasn’t a fan of the vibe.

It felt dark… really dark. Dark shelving absorbs light both (1) due to its color and (2) due to additional corners and shadows.

We painted the shelves and a DIY window seat in a creamy off-white to brighten the entire room.

Built-In Bookshelves in a Living Room Before and After Makeover with White Paint

Paint Cabinets

Like built-in shelving, dark cabinetry often impacts how dark a kitchen or bathroom feels.

I’m sure painted cabinetry isn’t new to you – it’s been a token DIY upgrade for years. And truthfully, the reason it’s so popular is because painted cabinetry can transform a dark room.

Speaking of popular DIY projects, white is the most popular choice for a kitchen. However, don’t feel limited to white paint. You can lighten a dark kitchen even if you don’t want to paint cabinetry white.

In our first home, we chose a mid-tone gray for our kitchen cabinetry.

Kitchen Cabinets Before and After Makeover with Grey Paint

In our current home, we chose a lighter and slightly warmer gray.

Kitchen Cabinets Before and After Makeover with Light Gray Paint SW Mindful Gray
Kitchen Cabinets Makeover with Light Grey Paint SW Mindful Gray

Paint Interior Doors

Much like wood trim work, dark interior doors may need to be painted in order to brighten a room.

Typically, I paint the walls and trim first. If – at that point – the door still seems to be making the room dark, I’ll paint it too.

In some parts of our home, we have stained doors with white trim. In other areas of our home, we have painted white doors. There are pros and cons to both options.

For example, in our kitchen, we painted the stairwell door white. It’s nearly centered in the room and reflects light to brighten the space.

Interior Doors Before and After Makeover with White Paint SW Pure White

In contrast, the powder room door (on the left in the photo above) is painted a dark gray/near black. Similarly, I didn’t decide to paint it until after painting the walls and trim. Rather than going lighter, I went darker.

It’s best to take decorating one step at a time (especially when you are painting permanent features in a home). While the process seems slow, we benefit from the time spent making decisions.

I still haven’t decided what to do in our entryway… white doors, dark gray doors, or leave as-is (wood). What would you do?

Interior Doors Before Makeover with White Paint, Trim is SW Pure White

Paint Furniture

Do you live in an apartment? … or … Maybe you don’t want to paint the permanent features in a room? Consider painting furniture when you can’t paint other surfaces.

This is an especially great option if you don’t love your furniture. Is it inexpensive? Is the color boring? Are you tired of certain pieces? Paint furniture, and brighten the room, too!

TIP: Don’t let winter stop you from painting furniture. I painted that dresser in a paint booth in the garage!

In our sunroom, we didn’t want to paint the walls. The wood paneling felt cozy and lodge-like (not to mention, it would have been a giant job.)

Therefore, I painted a vintage dresser to lighten up the area around the TV.

Brighten a Room with Light Furniture, + 16 More Ideas to Brighten a Dark Room

P.S. No, those aren’t the same dressers. I don’t have a photo of the vintage dresser in that spot – but the photos demonstrate the impact of changing a furniture’s color.

How to Brighten a Dark Room with Window Treatments

The wrong window treatment(s) can make a room darker. Of course, curtains and blinds serve several purposes:

  • privacy
  • prevent drafts / keep rooms warmer
  • soften a room with texture
  • reduce echo

Therefore, brightening a room may not be the first thing on our mind when buying/hanging window treatments. So, let’s talk about what to buy and how to install window treatments.

White Curtains

Like paint, white is a simple solution to lighten a dark room. Therefore, white curtains are a great choice.

If you aren’t sure how to brighten a dark room (or don’t want to accidentally darken a room) and if you don’t know which window treatments to choose, buying white curtains is a safe bet.

White curtains look good in almost any room. Plus, you can buy white curtains that are blackout, if needed.

Personally, I prefer to pair wood or bamboo blinds with light filtering white curtains. This combination offers privacy and brightens a room.

In our sunroom, we balanced the dark brown tones with bright white curtains hung on extra long curtain rods.

Brighten a Room with Light Furniture, + 16 More Ideas to Brighten a Dark Room

Light Filtering Curtains

While white, light-filtering, IKEA curtains are a surefire choice, light-filtering curtains are available in many colors and patterns.

In the dining room of our last home, we chose grey curtains to contrast with the white walls and white painted fireplace.

In order to keep the room bright, I chose dark gray curtains that filter light. The wood blinds allowed for privacy, if needed.

Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour, Rustic, Cottage by @CraftivityD

Curtain Height and Width

Already chose white or light filtering curtains? There is one more trick to brightening a room with window treatments.

No matter which kind you buy, hang the curtains high and wide.

Our last master bedroom had tiny windows (so. small. check out that before pic!). But, you can’t tell how small the windows are in the after photo.

Here’s the trick: Hang the curtain rod high and wide, so that the curtain barely covers the window trim.

In other words, the curtain is primarily hanging in front of the wall. Of course, buy a curtain panel (or two) large enough to be pulled across the window, if needed.

How to Make Windows Look Larger and Brighten a Dark Room

I used the same technique in our breakfast nook. It’s hard to believe its the same window… and that’s why I’ve used this trick over and over, in each house we’ve owned.

How to Brighten a Dark Room with Furniture

At one point in time, the standard practice was to buy furniture in a set. There are some benefits to this: everything matches, less shopping around, completing a room in one fell swoop, etc.

However, one of the negatives is, you might end up with too much of a good thing. What do I mean? Let’s talk about how mixing furniture colors and styles can help brighten a room.

Furniture Color

In order to brighten a room, mix light furniture with dark furniture. After all, even the most gorgeous stained wood piece can get lost in a room full of stained wood furniture.

In our dining room, we had a wood dining cabinet, wood table, and a dark gray bookshelf. In order to lighten up the dining room, we swapped white bookcases in place of the gray bookshelf.

How to Brighten a Room with Light Furniture, + 16 More Ideas to Brighten a Dark Room

We kept the prettiest pieces (the solid wood table and antique hutch) and moved the inexpensive gray bookcase to the basement. Evaluate your furniture:

  • move a dark piece out of the room,
  • swap dark furniture with light furniture, or
  • paint a dark piece with a light color.

Furniture Height and Scale

When evaluating your furniture, don’t consider only the color. It’s also important to factor a furniture piece’s height and scale into whether it is brightening (or darkening) a room.

Most average-sized rooms can’t handle all large-scale furniture. This is another reason it can be risky to purchase a full set of furniture. Therefore, it’s best to mix large and small scale furniture in a typical room.

For example, our dining room has a 6-person farmhouse table and a tall antique dining cabinet. Previously, there was a tall bookcase on the opposite wall from the dining cabinet. What I came to realize is that there were too many big – and specifically, tall – pieces of furniture in the room.

Tall furniture can block the flow of natural light, especially when the furniture is near windows. In contrast, low furniture provides plenty of open space for natural light to flow, and at eye level.

Dining Room and Homeschool Room, with White Shelves and Chalkboard

Therefore, when we renovated our dining room we swapped the tall bookcase for 3 low white bookcases. In doing so, we (1) reduced the dark pieces in the room and (2) reduced the number of tall pieces in the room while also (3) increasing the overall storage.

So, it’s important to note that introducing lower height and smaller-scale pieces can still increase storage, while also brightening a room.

How to Brighten a Dark Room with Lighting

This might be the most obvious solution, but you can brighten a room with additional lighting.

How to Brighten a Dark Room with Lighting, + 16 More Ideas to Lighten a Dark Room

Ceiling Lighting

If you are dealing with a dark room, evaluate the ceiling light. Ask yourself:

  • How many bulbs does it have?
  • What type of shade does it have?
  • Is it large enough for the size of the room?
  • etc.

For our living room lighting we swapped a single bulb fixture for an 8 bulb fixture. Guess what? It got a lot brighter. Installing a fixture with a higher bulb count is a great way to lighten a room.

TIP: If you install a multi-bulb light that is too bright, use lower wattage bulbs.

living room light idea, semi flush mount for dark living room with low 8 foot ceilings

If you aren’t able to install a fixture with more bulbs, consider swapping or eliminating the shades. For example, swap frosted glass shades with clear glass shades. You can find standard replacements at any hardware store.

If a chandelier has fabric shades, remove the shade and use fancy bulbs instead.

Wall Lighting

Once you’ve evaluated your ceiling lighting, look for opportunities to incorporate wall lighting.

Even if you don’t have access to an electrician, you may be able to incorporate plug-in wall sconces (hide the cords with easy-to-install cord covers for walls) into your room .

We purchased a set of brass wall sconces for each side of the chalkboard above the dining room’s white cabinets (these sconces even include a cord cover!). Since we installed the sconces directly above furniture, the plugs and outlets are hidden.

So, remember to utilize furniture to hide the cords for plug-in wall lights.

TIP: If your primary goal is brightening a room, choose sconces with clear shades as opposed to up-lighting or down-lighting shades.

Plug-In Wall Sconces add Light to a Dark Room, Brighten a Dark Room with Lighting

Bookcase and Artwork Lighting

While bookcase or artwork lights aren’t going to brighten a dark room on their own, they can aid in brightening corners or dark areas of the room.

A brass bookcase light, mounted at the top of our dining cabinet, brightens the side of the dining room opposite the sconces.

Of course, bookcase and picture lights can highlight pretty collectibles and artwork, too! And, like sconces, you can find them in hard-wired and plug-in versions.

Plug-In Bookcase Bar Light adds Light to a Dark Room, Brighten a Dark Room with Lighting

How to Brighten a Dark Room through Renovations

Finally, the last – and often most expensive – way to brighten a room is through smart renovation decisions.

Window Style

Do you need to replace your windows? If so, consider how many lines will cross the new window panes. Both the window frame and mullions will add lines in a window.

When renovating, choosing windows with as few lines as possible will create a feeling of openness from the inside.

In the dining room, we replaced two smaller side-by-side vertical windows with one large horizontal sliding window. This reduced the number of lines across the window pane from 3 to 1.

Dining Room Before and After

Of course, if you love the look of mullions from the exterior, this solution wouldn’t be a great option for your home.

Cabinetry Renovations

Like reducing window panes, renovating cabinetry is a “less is more” mindset, too. During a kitchen renovation, swap out cabinetry by installing open shelving or install a backsplash (like this budget-friendly painted brick backsplash) to brighten a kitchen.

TIP: Eliminate the cabinets nearest the windows in order to maximize natural light.

When we renovated our kitchen, we removed all of the cabinets on the window-side of the kitchen. In place of the cabinets, we installed counter to ceiling faux brick backsplash, a black range hood, and several open shelves. We sacrificed a little storage, for tons of light… well worth it!

Kitchen Before and After with Painted Cabinets and Open Shelving

How will you Brighten a Dark Room?

Which room(s) in your home feel gloomy or dark? How can you brighten the room? Whether a gallon of paint, swapping furniture, buying a new light, or installing new windows (or window treatments)… you’ve got tons of options.

I’d love to hear what you try… and tell me your favorite tricks to take a room from dark to light!


Wednesday 12th of April 2023

Thank you so much excellent ideas answered a lot of my questions just one more in a small bedroom can you have one Medium Oak stain door and the closet door white?

Lora Green

Sunday 16th of April 2023

Hi Joanne! Yes, you can. We have this is my daughter's room and I never even notice or it or think of it. In the case of her room, her white closet door matches the white base trim, door trim, and window trim. The oak door opens to the hallway and has white door trim (both in her room and in the hall). But the oak door matches other elements in the hallway (such as the stair banister) and her room (such as the wood floors and oak furniture). Therefore, it all feels cohesive even though the doors are two different colors. I hope that helps!

Cristina Francis

Monday 21st of November 2022

Can you tell me the color white you chose in your family room and dining room where you kept dark trim? I am considering either agreeable gray or alabaster white with our dark trim low light room.

Lora Green

Tuesday 22nd of November 2022

Hi Cristina! I used Alabaster.


Saturday 2nd of April 2022

I love this - thanks! So much to think about. We have a new house with 2-3 rooms with a combination of dark wood paneling, low natural light and dark cabinetry. Your tips on lighting are great and we are thinking about furniture colour. We don't want to paint the wood white (yet!) but they make the room gloomy, especially the hallway that joins then all. And hard to add paintings that just make the walls to busy.

Any ideas??

Lora Green

Wednesday 6th of April 2022

I'd start with a white paint on the walls. That was my first step in our dark rooms. Second, I'd do white window treatments. Next, I'd work on the lighting in the room (updating old fixtures, adding sconces and lamps, etc.) and think through rugs/furniture. I would not select white rugs or furniture (we have young kids, but I'd select colors that were lighter... maybe blues, greens, etc.). This is exactly how I've worked through my living room. I really love the dark trim and paneling in that room, but I still want it to be light and bright. So, I just keep lightening it in phases, and then living with it for a while to see if I've met my goal yet :) Hope that helps!!


Wednesday 24th of February 2021

Where are your bookcases in the kitchen from? Love these ideas!

Lora Green

Saturday 27th of February 2021

Thank you! The bookcases are from Target and are part of the Threshold Carson Collection.


Sunday 26th of April 2020

I really wish our house had more natural lighting! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas!