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Nursery on a Budget | 10 Quick and Easy DIY Projects

Design a nursery on a budget with 10 quick and easy DIY Projects, all made by upcycling affordable thrift store finds!

Last month, I shared my daughter’s bohemian bedroom. Her budget nursery makeover was completed for $110! That was largely due to 10 affordable thrift store upcycles, making it easy to pull together the nursery on a budget. 

10 Quick and Easy DIY Projects for a Budget Nursery

Are you completing a nursery on a budget? If so, you must check out these 9 quick and easy DIY projects -- all made for upcycled thrift store finds!

10 DIY Projects for a Nursery on a Budget

#1: Upcycle Empty Frames

Old frames are a thrift store staple. I especially love to search for unique shapes, like small oval frames. Give the frames a quick coat of paint, and fill them with art — or anything else. In my daughter’s nursery, I used a wooden letter “E” for her first name and a heart from an old quilt.

use empty frames for wall decor in a budget nursery

#2: Upcycle Old Quilts

Speaking of old quilts, they are another great Thrift Store find. Worn, raggedy quilts are much cheaper than quilts in mint condition. Why would you want a worn quilt? They are the perfect choice for DIY projects. Cut out pieces from the quilt to make bunting, small pillows, and more. I used quilted hearts throughout my daughter’s budget nursery.

Pieces of Antique Quilts cut into heart for a bohemian nursery

#3: Upcycle Flower Frogs

I love to display artwork and photographs in unique ways. At the Nashville Country Living Fair, I found a selection of vintage flower frogs and grabbed one from my daughter’s room. An incredibly easy upcycle, just stick art or photos in between the flower frog prongs.

Flower frog and Cotton Candy artwork
Shelves in a Budget Nursery with Baskets, Books, and Art

#4: Upcycle a Macrame Wall Hanging

Do you know those Macrame Wall Hangings that make you think of the 70s? Well, they’re back — and they’re on trend. If you’re not convinced, think of the macrame as functional — not just decorative — for holding hair clips, Christmas Cards, and more. Macrame is a great option for a nursery on a budget because it’s popping up in consignment (and new) shops everywhere!

Macrame wall hanging to hold hair bows for nursery on a budget

Macrame wall hanging to hold hair bows for nursery on a budget

#5: Upcycle Salvaged Architectural Pieces

Also at the Nashville Country Living Fair, I grabbed a salvaged architectural piece for a few bucks. It’s small, so I attached a single cup hook into the wood to hang one of my daughter’s necklaces. If you find a larger architectural piece, attach several hooks and hang more jewelry.

Thrifted Home Decor for Nursery on a Budget - Plant, Wood Stamp, Architectural Salvage, Flower Frog

Thrifted Home Decor for Nursery on a Budget - Tray, Plant, Necklace Holder

#6: Upcycle Pages from an Old Calendar or Book

The focal point of one wall in my daughter’s bedroom is a gallery-style display of prints from an old calendar. The floral print on the calendar worked perfectly with the decor in her room. Though calendars may be harder to come by in a Thrift Store, you can always find old books. Search for books filled with maps, botanicals, art, or animals… and any other pictures that may work in your home.

Bohemian Gallery Wall in a Budget Nursery

#7: Upcycle Vintage Doilies

Dainty doilies aren’t just for sitting on dusty furniture, and like macrame, they don’t have to feel old. Mix it up, and hang a doily on a wall, or in a frame, instead. 

Wall Decor - Doily and Floral Print - for a Budget Nursery

#8: Upcycle Wood Stamps and Letters

Wooden stamps or wood letters from a letterpress can often be found in antique malls and vintage consignment shops. I grabbed a mandala-style wood stamp at the Country Living Fair, with the intention to just stick it on a shelf. Instead, I attached a few dots of sticky tack and hung it in a small vignette around the light switch.

Budget Nursery with Wood Wall Decor

#9: Upcycle Oversized Plastic and Metal Letters

It’s hard for me to pass up an affordable letter from an old metal or plastic sign. Hang old letters directly on the wall, or use them as the base for a DIY Project, like a floral initial made from hairbows. This actually warranted a small step-by-step tutorial, but I couldn’t leave it out of this roundup.

Headband Monogram is a DIY Budget Nursery Idea

#10: Upcycle Decorative Vintage Trays

Finally, one of my favorite thrift store items, vintage trays can be both functional and decorative. Of course, trays can be used to corral items on furniture; but they can also hang on a wall or lean against the back of a bookshelf.

Nursery on a Budget with Wood Wall Decor and Thrifted Accessories

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10 Quick and Easy DIY Projects for a Budget Nursery

More Quick and Easy Upcycles

If these budget nursery ideas inspired you, you’ll love this collection of thrift store makeovers! Check out what my fellow upcyclers created below:

Jeannee Taylor

Monday 3rd of July 2017

You found and used some really pretty items! Such a lovely nursery! Jeannee

Michelle James

Thursday 29th of June 2017

I love how all of the pieces intermingle with each other in your daughter's room. They are bright, fun and really show your creativity. Nice job on all of them.


Saturday 24th of June 2017

What a sweet nursery you created. It is all the more special because you made this with love.

Toni | Small Home Soul

Friday 23rd of June 2017

Wow, so many cute little projects you've made to create such sweet space for your little one. So much inspiration in one room, I love it!


Thursday 22nd of June 2017

Any little one would be thrilled to snooze and play in there! I love all the vintage repurposed, especially the quilt and crochet doilies!! Just stunning!!