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17 Modern Advent Wreath Ideas that are Beautiful and Meaningful!

17+ Modern Advent Wreath Ideas! New takes on the traditional Advent Wreath. Celebrate Christmas with a new tradition and make your own DIY Advent wreath.

A couple weeks ago I shared our new Christmas tradition, the Advent Wreath. Well, it might be new to our home, but it’s a centuries-old tradition in the Church. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be celebrated in a modern way. If you’re interested in having an Advent Wreath in your home, I think you’ll be inspired by these beautiful, modern, DIY Advent Wreaths.   

17 modern advent wreath ideas

If you’re asking yourself — “what is an Advent Wreath?” — check out this DIY Advent Wreath post. I explain the purpose of each candle, and provide you with a free printable that details the meaning of each item in the wreath.

modern diy advent wreath with black candles

Seeing all of these gorgeous takes on a classic Christmas tradition causes me to want to make a new Advent Wreath every year, right? So lovely. I’m especially attracted to the wreaths that use greenery and vintage items.

Which idea is your favorite?

Modern DIY Advent Wreath Ideas

DIY Advent wreath in a ring mold with nuts

An Advent Wreath in a Ring Mold, paired with nuts.

DIY Advent wreath made out of canning jars

An Advent Candle centerpiece in canning jars.

DIY Advent Wreath made with candles and wooden beads.

Advent Candles surrounded by a strand of wooden beads.

DIY Advent wreath with candles in a clay pot

Advent Candles placed into clay pots.

diy advent wreath made with fresh greenery

An Advent Wreath made with fresh greenery.

DIY Advent wreath in a vintage tin

An Advent Candle centerpiece in a vintage tin, paired with apples.

DIY Advent wreath with recycled tins

Advent Candles placed in recycled tin cans.

DIY Advent wreath with wooden stars

An Advent Candle centerpiece marked with wooden stars.

DIY Advent wreath in a vintage tin cake mold

An Advent Wreath in a vintage tin cake mold.

DIY Advent Wreath using glass bottles

Advent Candles placed in glass bottles.

DIY Advent Wreath using white mugs and wire numbers

An Advent Wreath using white mugs and wire numbers.
DIY Advent Wreath using candles and a log

An Advent Candle centerpiece in a log.

DIY Advent wreath using teacups

An Advent Wreath in tea cups.

DIY Advent wreath made with a concrete block

An Advent Wreath made from concrete.

DIY advent wreath on a cake stand with craft letters

Advent Candles placed on a cake stand, paired with craft letters.

DIY advent wreath with wooden blocks and number decals

An Advent Candle display made with wooden blocks and number decals.

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17 different modern diy advent wreath ideas


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Anne Wharff

Saturday 6th of November 2021

I'm not sure that you'll see this comment because this post is several years old. I love all of these ideas but I'm wondering why there are only four candles. A traditional advent wreath would have a fifth candle - the Christ candle to light on Christmas eve. Just curious. Thanks, Anne

Lora Green

Monday 8th of November 2021

Thanks, Anne! That is a great question, and I actually wondered the same when I made my own DIY Advent Wreath ( What I found is that 4 candles are consistent in the historical accounts of the advent wreath, while the 5th is viewed as optional. That is primarily due to the fact that Advent ends on December 24th. Therefore, the Christ Candle (lit on Christmas Eve) is signifying the end of Advent, because Christ is born. Here are some more details about the history of the Advent wreath, if you are interested: .

Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}

Tuesday 29th of November 2016

These are some great ideas if you don't want to go so traditional. Love it! I know the first of advent is already passed.. I still need to decorate my copper pipe candle holder to make it look more like an advent wreath. Hehe Thanks for sharing the inspirations! XO! Vanessa

Kelly @ North Country Nest

Monday 28th of November 2016

Such lovely ideas! I've never made one before, but yours inspires me to try. Best, Kelly

Tuesday 29th of November 2016

So many great ideas -- and many are simple :)


Monday 28th of November 2016

So many great ideas. I love the one with fresh greenery! We get our advent wreath from a local Etsy gal who makes them out of fresh greenery. Love the smell of fresh greenery for all of advent.

Tuesday 29th of November 2016

That is really nice -- I'd love to have a fresh greenery one every year!


Monday 28th of November 2016

These are all so beautiful Lora and it so hard to pick a favorite. I really love the one you created!! It looks so pretty yet simple!

Tuesday 29th of November 2016

It is hard -- no kidding! I like the teacup versions, probably because I'm a sucker for vintage items.