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20+ Faux Brick DIY Projects that are Budget-Friendly!

Over 20 faux brick DIY projects to try! Incorporate the beauty of brick (without hiring a bricklayer!) through brick veneer, brick wall panels, faux brick tile, and brick stencils.

Would you like to add architectural character, warmth, and texture to your home? Try brick. Well, faux brick, that is! Faux brick is both DIY and budget-friendly, and available in a variety of styles.

over 20 faux brick diy projects

Does faux brick look fake?

No. (and yes). Let me explain…

The faux brick backsplash in our kitchen is quite convincing. In fact, it regularly tricks our house quests. They’ll say something along the lines of:

“Oh, wow! Is the brick original to the home?”

We’ll reply to explain that, in fact, it is not real brick. Then, point out the hard-to-find seams between each brick wall panel.

As you’ll see from the 20+ examples below, there are many ways to disguise the fact that you are using faux brick. We’ll review tips such as how to:

  • choose between various faux brick materials
  • align faux bricks in authentic patterns
  • hide seams between wall panels
  • decide which painting technique to use (such as painting brick, applying a german schmear, etc.)

Types of Faux Brick

In this post, we’ll discuss four common types of faux bricks, and the pros and cons of each.

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Brick Veneer (or Thin Bricks)

What is brick veneer? Brick Veneer is bricks that aren’t part of the structural integrity of a wall, fireplace, etc. Rather, the bricks are only decorative and are attached to the face of the structure.

Image via Lowes

What are thin bricks? Thin bricks are commonly used as brick veneer. Thin bricks are made of the same material as real bricks but are approximately 1/2″ thick. Sometimes, thin brick is available on vinyl mesh sheets, similar to tile.

Often called thin brick veneer, this is the most realistic type of faux brick.

looks authenticmore difficult to install
feels authenticmore expensive than other faux bricks
less expensive than real bricks
Table 1: Pros and Cons of Brick Veneer

Brick Tile

What is brick tile? Brick tile is brick-look floor or wall tile made from traditional tile materials, such as porcelain and ceramic. Brick tile is installed like an tile, with a combination of thinset, mortar, and grout.

Image via Lowes

Depending on the design of the brick tile, it may or may not feel authentic. Brick tile is similar to wood-look tile. Sometimes, wood-look tile feels similar to wood, but often the visual appearance is more realistic than to the touch.

looks authenticmore difficult to install
may feel authenticprices will vary widely by construction and brand
Table 2: Pros and Cons of Brick Tile

Brick Paneling

What are brick panels? Brick wall paneling is decorative hardboard (high-density engineered wood) wall panels.

brick wall panel from Lowes
Image via Lowes

Brick wall panels come in lightweight 4’x’8 sheets with a brick pattern printed on one side. The brick pattern does not look realistic, but can be made to appear authentic with various painting techniques.

can look authentic
(depends on paint technique)
does not feel authentic
easy to install
Table 3: Pros and Cons of Brick Wall Panels

You might also like: These high-end 3D Brick Wall Panels are more expensive but very realistic. The panels are already white (so, if you’re planning to paint the brick white – this would be a very easy install).

Brick Stencils

What is a brick stencil? A brick stencil is a paint stencil with a brick pattern. Use various paint colors and shading techniques to make the brick appear realistic. You can also choose from several patterns, such as herringbone.

Image via Etsy Shop: Cutting Edge Stencils
can look authentic
(depends on paint technique)
does not feel authentic
inexpensiveshading paint to appear realistic is moderately difficult
Table 4: Pros and Cons of Brick Stencils

20+ Faux Brick DIY Projects

Now that you are familiar with each type of faux brick, let’s take a look at over 20 DIY projects that use faux brick. You’ll be so impressed – and inspired – to incorporate brick into your home!

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20+ faux brick diy projects