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20+ Front Door Ideas that will Boost your Curb Appeal

A front door flanked with two matching planters is a classic look. Improve your curb appeal, with 20+ Front Door Ideas for your exterior.

There is something so classic and timeless about a front door flanked with matching planters on each side. These front door ideas will boost your curb appeal and give your home a fresh look.

20+ Front Door Ideas

Maybe I’m into timeless style as of late? Just like classic {and affordable} Subway Tile, you can update your front porch with basic materials at a reasonable price. With a can of paint and a couple planters, you are well on your way to a lovely, new, front entry. Check out these 20+ front door ideas for inspiration.

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Neutral Front Doors

If you aren’t a big fan of bright colors for the front of your home, these neutrals are a great start.

Black Front Door Ideas

Black is a classic, and simple, choice for a front door. I especially like black doors with red brick exteriors.

Black front door ideas with brick exterior

Red Brick Exterior, Black Doors, Black Planters // Fixer Upper

It goes with just about anything and it makes an impact due to its deep color.

Painted brick exterior with a bold black door for a front door idea

Painted Brick Exterior, Red Brick Porch, Black Door, Black Planters // Nest of Posies

Of course, black plays well with many other colors and textures besides brick.

Black front door ideas contrasting a light home exterior

Taupe Siding, Black Door, Grey Planters // Provident Home Design

Home with white siding, a black front door idea, and blue planters

White Siding, Black Door, Blue Planters // Historical Concepts via Provident Home Design

Gray Front Door Ideas

If black feels too intense for your home, charcoal or deep gray is a great option. In this post, find a farmhouse, traditional, and modern home with gray front doors and coordinating outdoor accessories.

White home with wooden planters and a charcoal front door idea

White Siding, Charcoal Door, Wood Planters // Restoration Hardware via Nine & Sixteen Home

You’ll achieve the same high contrast look, but in a softer way.

A cream home exterior with a grey door and concrete planners for a front door idea

Cream Siding, Grey Door, Concrete Planters // via Leah Richardson

White Front Doors

A white front door is a neutral option that won’t be the focal point. Do you like muted exteriors surrounded by the lush greens of nature? A white door might be the perfect choice for your home. In this post, find a traditional, coastal, and minimalist home with white front doors and coordinating outdoor accessories.

A white home with a white front door idea and concrete planters

White Siding, White Door, Concrete Planters // BHG

Wood Front Doors

A stained wood door creates a warm feel and traditional style.

Home with white painted brick and a wooden door idea

Painted Brick, Wood Door, Concrete Planters // via Bluegrass and Boxwood

White stucco home with a wooden door and black planters

White Stucco, Wood Door, Black Planters // Fixer Upper

Each home photo with a wood door is from either Fixer Upper or Magnolia. So, if you love Joanna’s decorating style, a wood door might be the perfect choice for your front entry.

Home with blue-gray siding and a wooden door idea.

Blue-Grey Siding, Wood Door, Concrete Planters // Magnolia

Colorful Front Door Ideas

If you want to do something more interesting or bold with your front door, choose a color. The choices are as numerous as the colors in the rainbow.

Red Front Doors

Black painted brick home and a red door idea

Painted Brick, Red Door, Orange Planters // Keep Calm and Drink Diet Coke


A home with brick exterior and a red door idea

Brick Exterior, Red Door, Concrete Planters // My Pink Life

Yellow Front Doors

Grey siding with a yellow front door idea

Grey Siding, Yellow Door, Concrete Planters // Creatively Living via Hometalk

Deep Yellow.

Home with white siding and deep yellow door idea

White Siding, Yellow Door, Black Planters // Colour Saturated Life

Green Front Doors

Kelly Green.

Home with light exterior, a green door idea, and blue planters

White Stucco, Green Door, Blue Planters // Southern Living

Chartreuse Green.

White exterior home with a chartreuse door idea

White Siding, Green Door, Grey Planters // via This Old House

In this post, find 3 different style homes with green front doors and coordinating outdoor accessories.

Blue Front Doors

Grey Blue.

Home with white painted brick and a grey-blue door idea

Painted Brick Exterior, Brick Porch, Grey-Blue Door, Black Planters // Cote De Texas

Sea Blue.

Grey exterior with sea blue door idea

Grey Siding, Sea-Blue Door, Mustard Planters // Suburban

Cobalt Blue.

White and blue-green exterior with cobalt blue door and planters

White Siding, Blue Door, Blue Planters // Southern Living

Pink Front Doors

Pink. In this post, check out 3 different shades of pink front doors and coordinating outdoor accessories.

Home with painted brick exterior, a pink front door idea and metal planters

Painted Brick Exterior, Brick Porch, Pink Door, Metal Planters // Look, Linger, Love

Purple Front Doors

Would you have ever considered a purple, pink or yellow door? They are out-of-the-box choices and can be a dose of personality for your home. The front entry is a visitor’s first introduction to your family. If you have a house filled with bright and bold personalities, don’t be afraid to choose an unexpected color for your door.

White and brick home exterior with a deep purple front door idea

Brick Exterior, Purple Door, Grey Planters // Doriddle

When you add a set of matching planters, you can bring in another color with the plants that you choose. Painting a door isn’t a big project — and neither is filling up a set of pots with soil. This is a very doable weekend project, that can update the exterior of your home.

So, I’m curious. Which color front door is your favorite and why? Comment your answer below.

20+ Front Door Ideas


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20+ Front Door & Planter Combinations

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Susan Shea

Wednesday 19th of February 2020

There is a picture with the aqua door with the black awning about. Could you tell me where the awning came from? Thanks.


Tuesday 6th of July 2021

@Lora Green, could you tell me the paint color name for the purple door? Love it! Thank you

Lora Green

Monday 24th of February 2020

Great question! Isn't that a beautiful awning? It is from an exterior makeover by Cote de Texas - She may be able to provide the manufacturer of the actual awning.

Angela Tolsma

Monday 13th of June 2016

That purple door is seriously amazing!! Though if I ever get a house, I'd probably go neutrals, sticking to black...

Wednesday 15th of June 2016

No kidding. It looks incredible, but I couldn't ever go that bold.

Wendy Tomlinson

Monday 13th of June 2016

Some really nice ideas. I really like the blue doors.

Wednesday 15th of June 2016

Blue is always my favorite of anything, lol :)

Taylor Mobley

Monday 13th of June 2016

I love all these front doors! I'm excited to have my own door to decorate.

Wednesday 15th of June 2016

Aren't they gorgeous? So much inspiration!


Monday 13th of June 2016

I love the ferns and the lavender! these are all so pretty - making me look forward to the day I have a house!

Wednesday 15th of June 2016

I love a set of ferns for the front porch. We usually hang ours, but they look great in the planters.