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10 Home Interiors with Green Trim or Woodwork

Tired of white trim? Try green trim or woodwork for contrast and bold color. Find inspiration with examples of green interior trim in these homes.

It started with our vintage laundry room design with dark green trim and cabinetry… ever since I finished the room, I’ve wanted to use green trim elsewhere in our home’s interior (plus, I’ve been experimenting with mixing wood and painted trim throughout our home).

In that room, we painted the window trim a deep, dark green. I love how the dark color frames the window and how well the color conceals dust.

10 Home Interiors with Green Trim

Note: In my opinion, the biggest negative to white trim is how quickly dirt and dust reappears after a cleaning. In contrast, dark trim is slow to show the accumulation of dirt and dust.

When it came time to create the design plan for our master bedroom – a large room with high ceilings – I chose a dark green wall paint to make the room feel cozier. Of course, based on my experience in our laundry room, it was a no-brainer to select dark green trim woodwork, too.

Painting Green Interior Trim

What type of paint is best for dark interior trim? I prefer Sherwin Williams Emerald paint due to its durability and how well the paint levels to a smooth finish (even when painting with a brush!). 

Like all trim and cabinetry paint, purchase green trim paint in a semi-gloss finish that it is easy to wipe clean.

Green Trim with White Walls

If your goal is contrast, try green trim paired with white walls (or light walls). In our vintage laundry room I selected contrasting colors. Dramatic dark trim frames the window, next to light-colored walls.

Green Trim with Green Walls

Match the trim to the walls for a monotone, low contrast look. Our master bedroom has dark green walls with dark green trim painted the same color.

Note: Even though the colors are identical, the finish is not the same. Purchase the trim paint in a semi-gloss finish, just like you would normally.

dark green bedroom master grasscloth wallpaper

10 Home Interiors with Green Trim

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10 Home Interiors with Green Trim