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How to Make A Gymnast Halloween Costume with DIY Medals

Learn how to make a Gymnast Halloween Costume complete with DIY medals, leotard, and tights. Follow the tutorial and download the printables to make this the best gymnast costume ever!

Does your child have dreams of being a gold medalist gymnast? Well, Halloween is the perfect time to make those dreams a reality! My daughter has been enamored with gymnastics lately, so we created a gymnast Halloween costume that comes complete with gold medals. 

Let’s be honest, Halloween isn’t just fun for the kids. Adults can have fun, too, and I sure had fun coming up with this gymnast costume. This costume is easy, budget-friendly, and if you have a little gymnast, you can reuse the leotard and tights! 

easy gymnast halloween costume

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How to Make a Gymnast Halloween Costume

This Halloween costume is all about adding a few simple accessories to a leotard and tights. With printable gymnast stencils, DIY medals, and a bouquet of faux flowers, you can create a gold medal gymnast in just an afternoon!

Supplies Needed 

Tools Needed

  • Tape
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • Foam brush
  • Gymnast PDF File
  • Soft Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


#1: Paint the Wood Discs

First, paint the 3.5 inch wood discs with metallic gold or metallic silver acrylic paint using a foam brush. Make sure to do this outside or on top of old newspapers to reduce mess.

This is an easy step that the kids can help with! My daughter enjoyed helping make her gold and silver medals.

#2: Download & Print the Gymnast Silhouettes

Then, download and print the Gymnast Silhouettes PDF file from the Free Printable Library. To access the Free Printable Library, become an email subscriber by filling out the form, below.

Would you like to download the free printable? Enter your email in the form below to subscribe and gain access to the freebie library. Once subscribed, you will receive an email with instructions to access the library.

diy gold medal gymnastics

#3: Cut Out the Gymnast Silhouette Stencils

Cut out the stencils that you would like to use. We used all 4, making 2 gold and 2 silver DIY medals in total. You can also save this file and use the stencils for a gymnast themed birthday party! 

diy gold medal gymnastics

#4: Tape the Stencils to the Discs

After you have cut out the stencils, tape the stencil to the painted silver and gold wood discs. Then, fill in the stenciled shape with black permanent marker (or black craft paint).

Afterward, you can remove the stencil and fill in any missed spots or draw a nice outline using the permanent marker.

DIY gold medal for gymnast halloween costume

#5: Take Measurements for the Ribbon

Next, measure the person who will be wearing the DIY gymnast costume using a soft tape measure. Measure the length from the back of their neck to the middle of their torso. This will help you know how much ribbon to use so that the medals sit perfectly on your little gymnast.

#6: Cut the Ribbon

Double the measurement you got in step #4. Then measure the red, white, and blue ribbon to that length and cut it. Don’t worry about frayed ends as they will be glued to the back of the medals.

diy medals - gold and silver medals - gymnast halloween costume

#7: Attach the Ribbon

Once you have cut your ribbon, attach it to the back of the DIY medal with a hot glue gun and glue. I added super glue for a stronger hold. You can also glue a small piece of felt over the ribbon ends to make sure they don’t fray and break.

DIY gold medal for gymnast halloween costume

#8: Create the Bouquet

Then, wrap the bouquet of roses with several layers of white tissue paper. Use a piece of the red, white and blue ribbon to secure the tissue paper. This will pull the outfit together with matching ribbon around the flowers! 

#9: Pick out a Leotard

Pick out the perfect leotard for your child. My daughter enjoyed looking at a variety of leotards and selecting one with colors that she loved (plus a little shimmer!).

easy gymnast halloween costume

#10: Buy Tights

Here in Kentucky, it can be cold on Halloween night. If you live in a cool area, I suggest getting fleece-lined tights in a color that matches your child’s skin tone. I was really impressed with the quality of these – very thick and warm!

Gymnast Halloween Costume

That’s it! How easy was that?! You can use your fleece lined tights for other cool days throughout the year. And, the long sleeve leotard is perfect for gymnastics, especially in cooler months. Your child is sure to be the best looking gymnast out there. 

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easy gymnast halloween costume