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Easy Cinderella Halloween Costume

Pull together a Cinderella Halloween Costume that is complete with a dress, glass slippers, tights and a hair bow. Follow the visual steps to make an easy Cinderella costume that is perfect for Halloween or pretend play.

Halloween is the time for dressing up as your favorite characters, spooky creatures, or cool superheroes. As a a big Disney princess fan, it’s no surprise that my daughter chose the iconic Cinderella. So, with several budget-friendly purchases, we made this easy Cinderella Halloween costume that is durable enough for years of pretend play, too!

We are no strangers to Disney princess costumes around here. We’ve made a DIY Snow White costume and a simple Ariel-inspired costume (complete with mermaid makeup) for the last 2 Halloweens. Cinderella was a little tougher as a DIY due to the ornate dress. So, we bought the right pieces and pulled them together to make the perfect Cinderella Halloween costume.

easy cinderella halloween costume

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Will you have a little Cinderella this Halloween? If so, let’s get down to business perfecting this easy Cinderella Halloween Costume. It’s simple to pull together and a costume that your kids can use year round for dress up.

How to Make a Cinderella Halloween Costume

This Cinderella Halloween costume is quick, easy, and affordable. It’s not a full DIY, but rather an easy to pull together idea for busy moms like myself. The key to this costume is to buy pieces that you can easily use throughout the year, so that your money goes further – making it budget friendly and high quality.

cinderella halloween costume

Supplies Needed


#1: Get the Dress

First, you want to select a Cinderella dress that’s sturdy enough to be used for other occasions or dress up days. There are a bunch of great options online or you can find one at your local toy store.

Tip: Wait until after Halloween and snag one at a discount! Just be sure to get one a size bigger. 

cinderella dress up costume

#2: Get the Shoes

You want to get some clear jellies. These look like glass slippers, but can be worn with a variety of outfits at any time. My daughter loves the glamorous look while still being comfy on her feet!

Again, these can be found online or at some shoe stores. Jellies are a popular summer shoe, so check after summer time to find them on sale. 

cinderella costume shoes, cinderella dress up shoes

#3: Get Some White Tights

Next, you want to make sure you have a pair of white tights or leggings. You never know if Halloween will be cold or not. These are actually her school uniform tights (we grabbed them at Children’s Place). No need to buy a full Cinderella Halloween costume from the costume aisle when you already have many of the items at home.

#4: Do Her Hair and Bow

Make – or purchase – a simple light blue hair bow. Pull her hair back into a bun and top it with the bow. Like the tights, we already had a blue hair bow on hand.

Tip: Store your daughter’s hair bow collection on a vintage macrame wall hanging (this is one of my favorite organization solutions!).

cinderella costume hair bow

#5: Consider a Mask

Need a face mask? Choose a lace mask and add stick on rhinestones to it for shimmer. You can find blank masks at stores like Hobby Lobby that you can jazz up with rhinestones. 

Of course, once Halloween was over, the princess Cinderella mask was a favorite for outings (here is how we keep our masks organized).

cinderella costume mask

Easy Cinderella Halloween Costume

That’s it! Just a few smart purchases, some rhinestones, and a bun to get the full Cinderella look! Buying high-quality products allow you to use pieces and parts of this costume all year long. The dress can easily be worn for dress up, or even to a fancy event.

The shoes, hair bow, and tights can be worn with various outfits throughout the year. Finding pieces that you can use for other occasions or outfits is the key to keeping Halloween costumes budget-friendly. Like I mentioned, grabbing items after the season is over is a great way to save money on this easy Cinderella costume, too! 

This Cinderella costume was quick, easy, and budget-friendly. If you liked this simple idea, check out my Ninja Turtle Costume or my Easy Luigi Costume for the boys! I also have a list of 20 Disney costumes that are DIY and budget friendly. The options are endless when you use a little imagination and some DIY skills.

diy halloween tombstones, easy cinderella costume, harry potter costume

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