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25 of the Best Modern House Numbers for Your Home

Update your curb appeal in minutes by installing modern house numbers. This list includes over 25 of the Best Modern House Numbers for Your Home in black, stainless steel, gold, and more!

Have you been searching for the perfect set of stylish, modern house numbers for your home? If so, you are in the right place! Over the last few weeks, I’ve been scouring the web for the perfect set of address numbers for our modern cottage remodel {read all about our cottage style fixer-upper here}. I’ve compiled a list of over 20 of my favorites, all in one place, for you!

modern house numbers

But, first, let’s chat about some of the decisions you’ll need to make, and factors you’ll need to consider when buying a set of new house numbers.

Important questions to consider when buying house numbers

What is the home’s style?

Take design cues from the style of your home’s exterior.

  • Is it a home with simple lines, such as a Craftsman or Mid-Century? If so, consider house numbers that are clean-lined, simple sans-serif fonts.
  • Is it a home with intricate details, such as a Victorian? If so, consider more decorative house numbers, such as those that feature a serif font.
  • Is it a home with traditional details, such as a Colonial, Cottage, or Cape Cod? If so, these transitional style homes will work with well with both simple and decorative fonts.

Don’t limit yourself by the style of your home. It should only be a guide. In other words, if you love modern details, but live in a traditional home, you can still go modern. Just be intentional. For example, try modern house numbers, modern door hardware, and modern planters to transform your front entry to a Modern and Traditional mix.

modern house numbers, mint door, white brick
What is the home’s color palette?

Take color cues from the home’s exterior.

  • Light and bright color palette? Try dark house numbers for contrast, such as Oil Rubbed Bronze, Matte Black, and Cast Iron.
  • Moody and dark color palette? Try light metals which will pop against the dark exterior, such as Brushed Nickel, Stainless Steel, and Glossy White.

Again, these aren’t hard and fast rules. House numbers don’t have to pop against the exterior, they just need to be visible from the street. If you love dark metals and have a deep exterior color palette, dark hardware will simply echo the moodiness of the home’s style.

red gooseneck light, modern house numbers, white siding
What hardware is used at the front entry?

Take a cue from other hardware at your front entry. Consider the finish of the…

  • door handle
  • kick plate
  • porch lights
  • and mailbox

Of course, depending on the size of your renovation, you may be replacing all of these metal finishes. But, if not, choose house numbers that will either match or complement the existing hardware. 

modern house numbers, gray brick, ranch

Modern House Numbers

Now that we’ve considered the elements which will impact our choice, let’s take a look at over 25 modern house numbers. Hopefully, you’ll find several great options!

modern house numbers

Sure-Loc in Black | Majestic in Patina Copper | Ecco in Satin Brass
Montague in Bold Black
Mission in Aged Bronze | Architectural Mailboxes in CopperAvalon in Nickel

Looking for a specific finish? The 4″ Ecco Modern House Number is available in 6 different finishes, along with Satin Brass which is shown above. If you want to make a big statement or have a single-digit house number, consider the Montague in Bold Black, which is available in 6 sizes up to 24″ tall!

modern house numbers

Minimalist in Brushed Aluminum | Antigoni in Copper
Helvetica in Stainless Steel | Modern Dwell in Bronze
Century in Stainless Steel | Minimalist in Black
Modern (Set of 4) in Aluminum

 Not quite ready to go ultra-modern? The Century in Stainless Steel is a great modern and traditional mix due to the serif font. If you are looking for very simple, modern, and timeless, I love the Minimalist in Brushed Aluminum and Minimalist in Black from Timber Art Signs.

modern house numbers

Antigoni in Green | Helvetica in White
Mid Century Modern Ceramic in Rustic Aqua | Mackintosh in Stainless Steel
Art Deco in Stainless Steel | Modern Dwell in Red

Need something a bit edgier or interesting? Try the stylish Mackintosh in Stainless Steel or a bold pop of color such as Modern Dwell in Red.

My Favorites from Amazon


modern house numbers

Modern Block in Brushed Aluminium | Rock Creek in Corten Steel
Pyramid in Oil Rubbed Bronze | Rock Creek in Brass | Traditional in Burnished Antique
Newberry in Brushed Brass

Looking for a stylish brass finish? Try the Rock Creek in Brass or Newberry in Brushed Brass. Plus, the Traditional in Burnished Antique is another great option if you are looking for a transitional style that is not quite as sleek and modern as many of the other options.

Have you made your choice? Which modern house number is your favorite? Before you click “check out,” make sure to read the tips and tricks for buying house numbers, below.

P.S. While you’re shopping, go grab some modern garage door hardware, too!

white siding, modern house numbers, white stucco

Tips & Tricks for buying house numbers

 On which exterior material will the house numbers be hung?

Will the house numbers be hung on the door, siding, brick, or trim?

  • If siding, is it wood or vinyl?
  • If the door, is it steel, fiberglass, or wood?

Make sure to check the product description to find out how to hang the house numbers, and ensure it will work with your material.

How much space is available for the house numbers?

My design motto is bigger is better, ha! Well, not always, but large house numbers do pack a design punch. Larger sizes will stand out, catch your eye, and increase curb appeal.

However, make sure to test the size of the house numbers before purchasing.

  • Draw the numbers on paper to size, based on the product description.
  • Then, tape it to your home’s exterior.
  • Look at it from the porch and from the curb to determine if the house numbers are too small, too large, or just right.