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My {kind-of} IKEA Stockholm Rug

Erica and I love to thrift shop {ohhh-kay, maybe we just like to shop in general}. But even with all my thrifting, yard sale-ing, and consigning, I’ve never bought one thing off Craigslist.

That is, until Tuesday.

I wasn’t even on Craigslist to shop. I’d seen a blogger who had done a kitchen remodel and got a brand new set of stainless steel appliances off Craigslist. What a find, right? So, I was “researching” the availability of new appliances on Craigslist in case we have to do a kitchen remodel in our new home, after we move. We’ve seen a lot of fixer uppers for sale, so this is not a stretch by any means.

After my appliance research was complete, I decided to check out rugs. I could probably classify this Craigslist search as “research” too {sounds more responsible than shopping, right?}, since after living with our hardwood floors for 3 years, we know we love them and will use them throughout our next home.

Lo and behold, a 5×8 $50 rug that looked so similar to the IKEA Stockholm rug that I’ve considered purchasing many a time.

IKEA Stockholm Rug via Hydrangea Girl

Now, experienced Craiglist-ers don’t judge me. I tried to bargain. But they didn’t seem interested in coming down. It was gently used and in good condition. She’d paid $150 for it. So I told them, if it’s truly a flatweave, and in the expected condition, I’ll pay $50.

IKEA’s version starts at $299, and even if could I find this $150 version she bought retail, I’d still be paying three times her asking price. So, I paid full price on Craigslist. Yes, it’s true. But it was my first time, folks!

Emily Henderson via Decor Pad

I’ve gotten SO picky about rugs. We bought this rug from Rugs USA and it drives me crazy. It’s a beautiful thick hand-hooked wool but it still sheds 4 months later. I vacuum it at least weekly and the texture is uneven {the trellis is higher than the navy background} so it isn’t even easy to clean.

On the other hand I have a $30 thrifted 3×5 rug in our sunroom that I love {shown below, to the left of my herb garden}. It feels used and soft and it’s flatweave so it’s easy to clean.

So, at least for now, any rug I’ll be buying will be flatweave — and I’m not afraid to buy a used one either. Especially since you can throw them in the washer, as long as they aren’t too big.

I’ll leave you with some more images of why I’ve been eyeing the IKEA Stockholm rug for some time now. The black and white graphic print is so versatile. It can be used in so many rooms, and with so many styles.

Danielle Oakey Interiors via Simple Details Blog
Nate Berkus via K Sarah Designs
Nicole Scott Designs via Simple Details Blog
In the Fun Lane
via Pinterest
ikeaspotting.tumblr via Simple Details Blog

So how did I do with my first Craigslist purchase? Any bargaining tips from the experts? Would you have bought this rug?

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Monday 16th of May 2022

[…] you’ve read for a long time, you might remember that this rug was my first-ever craigslist purchase. I’m still a huge fan of flatweave rugs; but they don’t offer that soft and cushy feel […]

Craftivity Designs

Monday 25th of November 2013


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Monday 25th of November 2013

wow,love it ,Beautiful rugs

Craftivity Designs

Sunday 11th of August 2013

I felt like $50 was a pretty good deal compared to the price I'd have paid at IKEA! Have a great week!


Sunday 11th of August 2013

I don't know how to buy at Craigslist but I think your $50 dollars were very well spent :-) I've always loved this IKEA rug and you having one very similar to the IKEA one is nice and a real bargain! :-) love the pictures too! & sorry, I don't have any tips for Craigslist, I have never bought anything yet! ;-) hope you are having a lovely Sunday evening! :-)