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DIY Reeded Glass Cabinet Doors

Add reeded glass to glass cabinets, glass doors, or windows to let in light while obscuring the view. Learn how to install DIY reeded glass in your home.

Love your glass cabinets, but don’t love the look of clutter inside? Our black display cabinet holds our family’s photo albums and keepsakes. While it is fairly organized, I was ready to semi-obscure the contents of the cabinet with DIY reeded glass.

I had already given the cabinet a makeover, with several coats of my favorite black paint. Like the dark paint, the reeded glass makes the whole piece feel modern and sleek.

How to DIY Reeded Glass, faux reeded glass film

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What is Reeded Glass?

Reeded glass is a type of patterned, decorative glass. It partially obscures the view and offers privacy, while allowing light to pass through the glass. In this way, reeded glass is similar to frosted glass.

How to DIY Reeded Glass, faux reeded glass film

However, unlike frosted glass, reeded glass also has texture. The texture resembles that of reeds placed in a line, much like a reed fence or reed shade; except that in the case of reeded glass, the reeds are smooth and uniformly-sized.

The linear appearance of reeded glass is modern and sleek, therefore making it a popular alternate to traditional frosted glass.

How to DIY Reeded Glass, faux reeded glass film

Reeded Glass vs Fluted Glass vs Ribbed Glass

Reeded glass, fluted glass, and ribbed glass are all very similar. The names are often interchangeable, due to the similarities.

However, there is a slight difference. Reeded glass is concave (in other words, it appears as if aligned reeds were use to create an impression in the glass).

reeded glass vs fluted glass vs ribbed glass

In contrast, fluted glass (or ribbed glass, these two terms are synonymous) is convex. Fluted and ribbed glass resembles a ripple effect, as if the reeds were inside the glass creating the waves.

What is DIY Reeded Glass?

DIY reeded glass refers to rolls of glass film with a reeded texture. Ideally, real reeded glass is selected for cabinets, window, or glass doors at time of purchase. However, that isn’t always an option.

How to DIY Reeded Glass, faux reeded glass film

If you realize that you’d like to hide clutter in cabinets or add privacy behind a window or door, DIY reeded glass is a great option.

For example, take a look at the “organized clutter” in my cabinet, before and after the reeded glass is added:

DIY reeded glass is a faux reeded glass. This textured film is applied to smooth glass, creating the look of reeded glass. Like our kitchen’s faux brick backsplash, faux reeded glass is very convincing.

When I tell a visitor that the reeded glass is faux, they immediately reach out and touch it. To their surprise, it’s not the real deal!

How to Install Reeded Glass Film



  • Clean Lint-free Rag
  • Measuring Tape or Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Utility Knife
  • Credit Card


1. Clean the Glass

Clean the glass using a lint-free rag and glass cleaner. Any dust particles that are left on the glass will create tiny bubbles in the reeded glass film.

2. Cut the Reeded Glass Film

Measure the glass and cut the film to size. It is ok to cut the film slightly large. For example, an additional 1/4-inch. Once the film is secure, you can remove the excess with a utility knife if you’d like.

Reeded Glass Film installation, DIY Reeded Glass

3. Install the Reeded Glass Film

Spray the glass with water liberally. Align the top left corner of the film, first. Then, slowly flatten the film across the glass, and then down the glass, ending at the bottom right corner.

If needed, remove and readjust the film. Spray additional water to reapply.

Reeded Glass Film installation, DIY Reeded Glass

4. Remove Bubbles from the Reeded Glass Film

Use a plastic card, such as a credit card, to smooth out the bubbles and excess water. As you smooth the film, water will drip out the sides and bottom of the film. Wipe away the excess water with a paper towel.

Remove Air Bubbles from Reeded Glass Film with a Credit Card, DIY Reeded Glass

5. Let Dry

Once installed, let the reeded glass film dry in place. Once dry, the film won’t slide or move. However, if you need to remove the film for any reason, it can pulled off the glass without causing any harm.

DIY Black Cabinet Makeover with Reeded Glass


Is reeded glass film permanent? Can reeded glass film be removed?

No. You can remove reeded glass film at any time. It will not damage the glass.

What is the difference between reeded glass and fluted glass?

Reeded glass and fluted glass are very similar. The pattern in reeded glass is concave, while the fluted glass pattern is convex.

What is the difference between reeded glass and ribbed glass?

Reeded glass and ribbed glass are very similar. The pattern in reeded glass is concave, while the ribbed glass pattern is convex.

What is the difference between fluted glass and ribbed glass?

Nothing. Fluted glass and ribbed glass are synonymous.

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How to DIY Reeded Glass, faux reeded glass film

Richard Pearce

Tuesday 19th of March 2024

Dear Lora, Great article. Do you know where can I purchase the reeded glass "film" in the US? I am in the Los Angeles area. Many thanks. Best regards, Richard

Lora Green

Saturday 23rd of March 2024

Hi Richard! I purchased mine on Amazon. My apologies that somehow I forgot to include the link in the post - here it is: (amazon affiliate link). I am not aware of where to buy local, but you could check big box home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes. Hope that helps! Have a great day :)