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50+ Boredom Buster Templates and Printables

Download and print over 50 Boredom Buster Templates and Printables to keep kids learning, moving, and creating through summer!

It’s time for an honest moment. I rock at creating fun activities for my kids but fail when it comes to actually using them. So this huge list of Buster Templates and Printables is serving as an intentional challenge to myself — to play with my kids through the summer. Are you in the same boat? Or maybe you’re not into creating activities — or searching all over the internet to find an activity? Take this challenge with me! Pin this post, and use it as a guide through the summer. 

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Boredom Buster Templates and Printables

Games + Puzzles

Weather Game: Designed for kids ages 3-6, this board game all about the weather is both educational and entertaining!
Counting Coins Matching Game: Kids learn to match coins with monetary value with this memory-style matching game.
Popsicle Sticks Shapes Matching Game: Using popsicle sticks, kids must create the match for each printed shape.
Hat Matching GameA perfect busy game for small kids, they match the correct hat to 1 of 8 different people.  
What am I Game: The whole family can participate in this classic guessing game.
Catch a Bug Game: If your kid loves insects, grab this printable game — there are 3 different ways to play!

Money GameOlder children can learn to spend and save with the Money Game.
Galaxy Game: Space fans will love the look of this Stars and Planets printable game.
United States Bingo: Play this USA-themed game as a family, and the kids will be learning about the states while they play
Silhouette Matching Game: Young children will love this colorful silhouette matching game featuring planes, rockets, and more!
Colors and Shapes Board Game: Another colorful printable, the color and shapes game would be great for preschoolers or early readers.
Find Sharky’s Teeth Game: Fill Sharky’s mouth with teeth — this might be a fun car game on the way to visit the Aquarium.

Travel Game Templates: Classic mini-games, such as Hangman and Tic Tac Toe, can fight boredom at home, on the road, or at a restaurant.
Travel Scavenger Hunt: Road trips can be fun with a travel scavenger hunt. The hunt includes a mix of items that can be found in town or on the interstate.
Map My Trip KitKids will learn basic mapping and GPS principles with a Map My Trip Kit.

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Boredom Buster Templates and Printables

Active Play

Nature Scavenger Hunt: Take the kids on a Nature Scavenger Hunt in your own backyard, or on a local hiking trail.
Giant Floor Maze: Encourage the kids to create a small town with building blocks, around this giant floor maze.
Straw Rockets: It’s no doubt that kids will find plenty of fun in shooting paper rockets off drinking straws.
Whirlygig Craft: A double bonus — this printable template is both a craft and a play toy.
Insect Movement Dice: Kids will have a blast moving like different bugs with this simple dice game.
Balancing Robot: Another craft-and-toy-in-one, the kids will get to work on their balance skills with this cute paper robot template.

Finger Play Game: Kids love a simple finger play game, but this one gets the whole body moving, too.
Pokemon Action Cards: Have a Pokemon fan? In this game, the kids learn to move like their favorite Pokemon characters.
Backyard Games: Grab this set of 15 Backyard Games for plenty of summer fun.
Secret Service Activity: If your kids love playing detective, the is secret service game will be right up their alley {plus, it teaches kindness, too!}.
Printable Roads: Download and print this set of road templates, for an easy-to-store version of race car tracks.
Photo Booth: Photo booths don’t have to just be for parties, lend the kids a camera for tons of fun with this photo prop set.

Animal Action Cards: Act like an aminal — an active and simple game for any age.
Jump Rope Songs: Send older kids outside with a set of songs and several jump ropes for hours of active play.
Get the Kids Moving Dice: Kids will love the suspense of rolling die to find out how to get moving. 

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Boredom Buster Templates and Printables

Creative Play

Creative Play Mats: In the car or at the table, let kids be creative with laminated play mats.
Marshmallow and Toothpick Geometry: Older children will love the challenge of trying to recreate these geometric designs. 
Lego Challenge Cards: Lego lovers are challenged to imagine and create by drawing different cards, filled with a variety of Lego ideas.
Robot Drawing Prompts: Simple prompts get your child started with drawing and coloring fancy robots.
Build a Monster Kit: Kids can build their own monster with this set of legs, eyes, teeth, and more!
Building Challenge Cards: Pull out all the building toys you have, and challenge the kids to create something brand new — with these printable cards as the prompts. 

Paper Tetris: Pass on your childhood love of Tetris with this printable paper version.
Triangles to Squares Take-Along Game: A colorful game that will challenge a child’s creativity and critical thinking.
Learn to Sew Practice Pages: If your child is interested in learning to sew, start with these learn-to-sew printable activities.
Origami: Learning to master origami is a fun skill for kids — save money on fancy paper with this downloadable template.
30 Days of Lego Play: Challenge your child to 30 days of legos, and let them mark off each activity as they complete it.
Play-Doh Mats: Break out the play-doh and pair it with this collection of wipeable activity sheets.

Summer Story Journals: Have a creative writer? Give them their own special summer journal.
Disney Princess Dress Templates: Paper dolls, Disney-style, will please your favorite princess fan!
Paper Doll Printable: If you have an older child, let them cut out, color, and play with this sweet set of paper dolls.
When I Grow Up ActivitySimple boy and girl templates are the starts for your child to dream about “when they grown up!”.
Paint Color Mixing: Create and name brand new paint colors with this simple paint-mixing activity.
Sparkly Dinosaurs: What is better than a dinosaur? A sparkly one!

Silly Envelopes: Whether you fill them with letters or not, kids will love making silly animal envelopes.
Star Wars Craft: Have a star wars fan? Let them make their very own R2-D2 with this template.
Family Time Capsule: Create and compile a family time capsule, filled with great memories and important info!

Do you want more free templates and printables? Click here to access my full library of free printable templates.


Tuesday 30th of May 2017

So many great ideas for keeping the kids busy! Thanks for including some of ours!

Lora Green

Wednesday 31st of May 2017

Thanks, Kate!! You all had some great ideas :) Happy to share!!