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An Easy Skylanders Birthday Party

Is your child a Skylanders fan? Throw them the coolest Skylanders Birthday Party with creative decorations, tasty treats, and exciting party games.

When it came time to plan my son’s fifth birthday, it had to be a Skylanders Birthday Party. He loves the games, studies the character descriptions, and plays with the figurines.

Do you know what a “Chompy” is? Are you familiar with “Kaos?” Do you own a collection of “portals?” If so, you, too, might have a Skylanders-crazed child like my (now) 5 year old. 

Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Skylander Food, Portal Cake, Candy Bar, Games by @CraftivityD

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I try to do easy parties. Of course, “easy” is a relative term… so let me add some detail to what I mean.

For me, an “easy party” is one that requires at most an evening or two of a few craft projects, minimal decorating, and food I can prep the night prior.

This year, I attended an Easter brunch and a city-wide egg hunt on the same day as the party; which means it wasn’t too difficult to pull together, right?

Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Candy Bar, Party Favor, Chompy Decorations, Portal Cake, by @CraftivityD

A few of my favorite other easy parties include my daughter’s Miraculous Ladybug party, my son’s Minecraft party, and a pretty vintage-style Bridal Shower.

Is your child hoping for a Skylanders birthday? Let’s talk about how you can pull it off — without turning into “Kaos.”

Easy Portal Cake, Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Sheep Cupcakes by @CraftivityD

Skylanders Birthday Party Ideas

#1: Skylanders Invitations

I designed a flat 5×7 invitation with the Skylanders theme using Photoshop and the pincoya black font. If you aren’t into graphic design, you can also purchase a printable version from my Etsy shop.

Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Invitation, Printable, Etsy by @CraftivityD

View this Listing from Craftivity Designs on Etsy

#2: Welcome Sign

We welcomed the kiddos and marked the house with a chalkboard and balloons (just like we did for his Superhero party).

Skylander Adventure, Easy Skylanders Birthday Party by @CraftivityD

#3: Chompy Lanterns

My son loves to talk about the Chompies in Skylanders. I, personally, just love to say “Chompy.”

Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Candy Bar, Party Favor, Chompy Decorations, Portal Cake, by @CraftivityD

Let’s make a Chompy! The Chompies are here! It’s Chompy-time! You get the idea.

Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Candy Bar, Party Favor, Chompy Decorations, Portal Cake, by @CraftivityD

Didn’t they turn out so cute? I bought the green lanterns from Amazon and followed this Chompy tutorial.

#4: Skylanders Candy Bar Party Favor

We set up a candy bar for the party favors. On the way out the door each child received a bag filled with Skylanders-themed candy.

Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Candy Bar, Party Favor, by @CraftivityD
Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Candy Bar, Party Favor, by @CraftivityD

A candy bar is a dual-purpose decoration and party favor. Place all the candy in clear containers and the kids will love ogling over the candy that they’ll be tasting later.

Recruit your child to help set up the candy bar by finding and placing each coordinating Skylander figurine. The candy bar was a hit with the kids, but the adults also had fun reading the candy labels.

One father asked me how much research we had to do… well, not too much, because my little boy could answer most any Skylander question. So, when party planning, tap into your child’s video game knowledge!

Trigger Happy Gold, Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Candy Bar, Party Favor, by @CraftivityD

Trigger Happy Gold featuring gold coins and foil-wrapped Rolos.

Prism Break Rock Candy, Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Candy Bar, Party Favor, by @CraftivityD

Prism Break Rocks featuring Rock Candy.

Spyro Fire Balls, Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Candy Bar, Party Favor, by @CraftivityD

Spyro Fire Balls featuring Atomic Fire Balls.

Tree Rex Green Lasers, Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Candy Bar, Party Favor, by @CraftivityD

Tree-Rex Green Lasers featuring mint flavored M&Ms.

Whirlwind Rainbows, Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Candy Bar, Party Favor, by @CraftivityD

Whirlwind Rainbows featuring Sour Punch Candy Straws.

Eruptor Lava Bombs, Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Candy Bar, Party Favor, by @CraftivityD

Eruptor Lava Bombs featuring Sour Cherry Chews.

#5: Skylanders Birthday Cake

You can find a ton of ideas for Skylander cakes using Pinterest, and many are by very talented cake decorators. My son really liked the idea of the portal, and it’s probably the most notable image when you think of the Skylanders game.

Easy Portal Cake, Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Sheep Cupcakes by @CraftivityD

Many of the portal cakes found via Pinterest are made with fondant icing — which is was out of my cake-decorating league {aka. total beginner} and therefore, not easy. So, I bought some silver sprinkles and covered the sides of the cake to replicate the portal.

Easy Portal Cake, Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Sheep Cupcakes by @CraftivityD

#6: Skylanders Cupcakes

Now, when I saw these sheep cupcakes, I just couldn’t pass them up. Seriously? How cute? In Skylanders, there are sheep throughout the game. They are just hanging out, getting in your way on each board. So, we added the sheep cupcakes to hang out around our portal.

Sheep Cupcakes, Easy Skylanders Birthday Party by @CraftivityD

#7: Skylanders Food and Drinks

Our menu was pretty simple since the party was at 3:00 in the afternoon. We chose several appetizers and a few special Skylander-themed foods.

  • Meatballs (recipe)
  • Cheese Dip (1 jar cheese whiz, 8oz diced tomatoes, 4.5oz green chiles)
  • Tortilla Chips
  • “Skylander Food” Chex Mix
  • “SkyLand” Cloud Parfaits (recipe)
  • “Healing Elixir” Punch (recipe)

Throughout the game, the Skylanders eat food in order to regain energy. I combined Chex cereal, M&Ms, marshmallows and pretzels as a Chex mix or “Skylander food.”

Easy Skylanders Birthday Party, Skylander Food, Chex Mix by @CraftivityD

I loved the Cloud Parfaits that I saw from this cars, trucks and airplanes party; and since the Skylanders video game is set in the SkyLands — it was the perfect match.

Cloud Parfaits, Easy Skylanders Birthday Party by @CraftivityD

We also made some Healing Elixir {another Skylander energy booster} using this simple and yummy blue punch recipe.

#8: Skylanders Birthday Party Games

My husband came up with a series of games that followed the adventure theme of Skylanders. When they arrived at the party, each child chose a Skylander from my son’s collection.

Choose Your Character, Easy Skylanders Birthday Party by @CraftivityD

Once they chose their character, they placed it on the portal to start the games. We set up an obstacle course through the living room and then headed outside for simple carnival-style games:

  • Spyro’s Relay – obstacle course using a fabric tunnel and blanket forts to crawl through
  • Gill Grunt’s Sheep Blast – stomp feet to pop white balloons {make a sheep face on each balloon using permanent marker}
  • Stealth Elf See-Saw Plank – create a see-saw style plank walk by stacking pieces of scrap wood
  • Trigger Happy Can Shoot – knock empty coke cans over by shooting water from a water-gun
  • Sonic Boom Balloon Boom – keep balloons in the air, without using hands
  • Eruptor Toss – toss balls into buckets

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Planning a Skylanders Birthday Party with Kids

If your TV stand is overrun by Skylander figurines and portals — then you have the start to a great party. So embrace the “Kaos” and start planning your little one’s Skylanders Birthday Party.

Now that my son is old enough, it was fun to include him in the planning. He and I researched Pinterest together, pinning ideas and talking about the cakes and decorations he liked.

Several nights before the party, he helped me assemble the Chompies and hang them in our dining room. On the day of the party, he helped daddy get each of the games ready.

It was fun to plan his party as a family, and I know that only increased his excitement and anticipation for the actual birthday party.

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Markisha Herring

Tuesday 18th of July 2017

I love this cute party!! You made it look great while keeping it simple and neat as well. Are these free printables still available?

Lora Green

Wednesday 19th of July 2017

Yes, Markisha, they are still available! Towards the end of the post there are two boxes that say "Would you like access to free printables + templates?". Enter your email in one of those and the printables will appear.


Wednesday 30th of March 2016

Ahh such a fun party! Not sure how you pulled it off with Easter and all! I never heard of this Skylanders but I now have a one year old baby boy - not sure what he'll get himself into liking. I love the sheep cupcakes - so much fun! Oh and the lanterns turned out beautiful!!

Monday 4th of April 2016

It wasn't too bad! My husband helped a lot and we had a pretty low key Easter. You might have a future skylander - who knows? :) It's so fun to see what they end up liking.


Tuesday 29th of March 2016

I'm not sure I've ever even heard of Skylander before, but this is adorable! I love the candy bar and the sheep cupcakes :)

Tuesday 29th of March 2016

Well, now you are an expert :) Thanks! I was crazy about the sheep - and the extras were great for Easter, too.