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12 Easy Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

Have a little one’s birthday coming up? Celebrate with a magical unicorn birthday party. These easy unicorn birthday party ideas will help you throw an unforgettable bash!

My daughter, lover of everything magical, requested a unicorn theme for her 6th birthday. Tight on budget and short on time, we used these easy unicorn birthday ideas to make her party dreams come to life.

From decorations and food to games and favors, we’ve got everything you need to throw an amazing bash. So, get ready to create some magical memories for your little one, too!

12 easy unicorn birthday party ideas

Easy Unicorn Birthday Party

Although throwing your child a themed birthday party is always a big hit (not only for your kid, but their friends, too!), it can be time consuming . However, with these Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas, you’ll be able to whip this theme up in no time at all. 

easy unicorn birthday ideas, unicorn pinata

I love to plan simple parties that are budget-friendly. With ideas such as free printable activities, affordable decor, and DIY party games, you can throw perfectly-themed parties without a big hassle. Plus, all you really need are rainbows and unicorns! 

12 Easy Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, play date, or just a get-together, these unicorn birthday party ideas will help make it a hit with your little ones!

Unicorn Party Decorations

Don’t over-complicate the decor. Buy a few kits or key decor pieces and create a focal point. We always fill the bookcases behind our dining table with gifts (yes, the gifts can be decor, too!) and create a focal point for photos.

Make a balloon banner (here are a few balloon banner tips from my daughter’s ladybug party) from pastel shimmery balloons or bright balloons, depending on your party’s color palette.

Print a unicorn-themed “Happy Birthday” banner or hang a simple garland. Use a chalkboard or whiteboard to make a sign highlighting the child’s birthday number.

easy unicorn birthday ideas, unicorn birthday decorations and cake

Unicorn Birthday Invitations

Buy invites or download and print free unicorn invitations (how cute is this colorful unicorn set?!). If you want to keep it really simple, skip the printing. Simply download the filled-out invite image and text the picture to the guests.

Unicorn Party Activities

When you have a bunch of little girls at your house, you’re going to want some things to keep them entertained. 

Unicorn coloring pages are perfect for keeping little ones entertained while guests are arriving – and there’s over 50 different choices to choose from (we picked this one)!

Another fun activity – and a party classic – kids will love bursting a candy-filled unicorn pinata. Swinging at the unicorn piñata was a huge “hit” (pun intended *wink*) at my daughter’s party.

Unicorn Games

No party is complete without a couple games to enjoy. This free printable roll-a-unicorn game challenges kids to make their own magical creature. My daughter loves being crafty and creative, so this was a perfect choice for her 6th birthday.

printable unicorn game, easy unicorn birthday ideas

But, if you want something that doesn’t require any cutting beforehand, play a pin the horn on unicorn game. Grab it online, at your local party, download a printable version, or make your own (here is an example of a DIY pin the dot on the ladybug game for inspiration).

pin the horn on the unicorn, easy unicorn birthday ideas
pin the horn on the unicorn, easy unicorn birthday ideas

The Cake

If you like to make your own cake, you can make this magically delicious (and simple!) chocolate ganache covered cake topped with fresh fruit and powdered sugar. 

strawberry and raspberry cakes with powdered sugar and chocolate ganache

Unicorns are all about bright colors, sprinkles, and rainbows so a simple Funfetti cake mix with lots of colorful sprinkles would be a great option, too! Add a “Happy Birthday” unicorn cake topper to make it complete. 

Easy Unicorn Birthday Party

Themed birthday parties don’t have to be time consuming or expensive. A few decorations, a game, a craft, and a simple cake is all it takes to make a magical unicorn birthday party. 

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12 unicorn birthday ideas