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7 Minecraft Party Ideas (Quick and Easy Birthday Theme!)

Celebrate the birthday of your favorite Minecraft fan! These easy Minecraft Party Ideas will bring your child’s favorite game to life.

My son asked for a Minecraft party for his 10th birthday, and I was happy to oblige. It’s a popular game for kids of all ages (and a video game I can actually get on board with, too), making these Minecraft party ideas great for boys, girls, big kids, and little kids.

You’ll want to create a Minecraft-themed environment that is both fun and festive. No party is complete without games and decorations, but with these easy Minecraft party ideas, you’ll have everything you need throw a fun, creative party!

minecraft party ideas, decorations, centerpiece

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Minecraft Party Ideas

Minecraft parties are becoming more and more popular, and it’s not hard to see why. These imaginative celebrations are perfect for kids who love to build, explore, and create. And with a little planning, they can be relatively easy and affordable to put together.

Although throwing a themed birthday party is fun (not only for your kid, but their friends, too!); time is of the essence. With these Minecraft Party Ideas, you’ll be able to whip this theme up in no time at all. 

minecraft party ideas, decorations, centerpiece

I love to plan simple parties that are budget-friendly. With free printable activities, affordable decor, and DIY party games you can throw perfectly-themed parties without a big hassle.

7 Minecraft Party Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, play date, or just a get-together, these Minecraft party ideas will be a hit with your little Minecrafters!

#1: Minecraft Centerpiece

If you’ve got them on hand, use Duplo LEGOS to create a “Minecraft World” centerpiece. Recruit your kids to help stack these large LEGOS into mountain and hill configurations, much like the terrains found in Minecraft.

minecraft party ideas, decorations, centerpiece

We also own the Minecraft Board Game and used the wood blocks, set on a cake stand, as part of the centerpiece, too. Then, we placed the game’s pawns around this mini-Minecraft world, climbing up the Duplo hills.

minecraft party ideas, decorations, centerpiece

#2: Minecraft Party Decorations

Grab a pixelated birthday banner and a set of mining themed balloons to use around the dining room. Banners, garlands, and balloons make a great Minecraft backdrop for pictures of the birthday kid!

#3: Minecraft Birthday Sign

As a focal point, we always decorate a chalkboard or a welcome sign (easel) with the birthday kid’s big number.

For a Minecraft themed sign, draw block-style numbers on a chalkboard or easel. Then, hang a simple color-coordinated pom-pom garland (yes, I’ve been using the same garland for 9 years) or add balloons. 

minecraft party ideas, decorations, centerpiece

#4: Minecraft Invitations

For the invitations, create DIY invitations that look like pixel blocks. Hand-draw the blocks or use a Minecraft printable invitation template

#5: Minecraft Party Games

Games are an essential part of any party. You have to keep those kiddos busy! Here are a few fun games to play:

  • Minecraft Board Game – We love this great strategy game. Even if you don’t play at the party, consider buying this board game as a gift for the birthday kid!
  • Minecraft Bingo – Prepare bowls of single color legos (in Minecraft colors) for kids to use as Bingo pieces. We used bowls of LEGOS as decor on the party table, too – ready for Bingo when kids arrive!
minecraft party ideas, decorations, centerpiece

#6: Lego Station for Minecraft Builds

Set up a Lego Station where kids can construct their own Minecraft-inspired creations. Make sure to sort the LEGOS out into Minecraft colors (Green, Blue, Brown, Gray, Tan, Black).

If kids need some ideas to get their creative juices flowing, try this Minecraft Steve step-by-step Lego build guide

#7: Minecraft Party Cupcakes

Since Minecraft is all about using different pieces to create, don’t worry about making a cake. Instead, grab some cupcakes and place them on this pixel cupcake stand. Decorate the cupcakes with easy grass frosting and Minecraft cupcake toppers.

Minecraft Party Ideas

Themed birthday parties don’t have to be time consuming. A few decorations, a game, a craft, and some cupcakes is all it takes to make a Minecraft Party come to life. 

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minecraft party ideas, decorations, centerpiece