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How to Assemble a Vibrant Green Flower Arrangement (or Centerpiece)

Think an all green flower arrangement sounds boring? Think again! Vibrant green floral arrangements can be just as stunning as bouquets filled with color.

Our home is filled with leafy greens (such as our vintage laundry room, spring bedroom, and entry way command center), so it’s not surprising that I love a vibrant all green flower arrangement. Recently, I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law and — after a quick trip to Trader Joe’s — I pulled together this stunning, simple green centerpiece.

Green Flower Arrangement, how to assemble an all green floral arrangement

While I’ve heard people rave about Trader Joe’s floral section, this was my first time checking it out. To say I was impressed is an understatement. The selection is large and affordable. Ten minutes and $15 later, I walked out with enough stems for two green floral arrangements.

How to Assemble a Green Flower Arrangement

Supplies Needed

  • Flower Stems (approx. 7-10)
  • Leafy Stems (approx. 10-15)
  • Large Vase
  • Scissors

various green flowers and leafy stems for an all green flower arrangement

note: Though I liked Trader Joe’s selection, I was a little bummed to find there were no labels on the packages when I arrived home. So, unfortunately, I don’t know the names of each plant. 


#1: Short Stem Flowers

First, trim 2-3 stems of each flower. Trim to a length which allows the bloom to sit just above the rim of the vase.

how to assemble a green flower arrangement, step 1, insert short flower stems

#2: Tall Leafy Stems

Next, insert tall leafy stems between the flower stems. Focus on the edges of the vase, leaving space in the center open for additional flower stems.

how to assemble a green flower arrangement, step 2, insert tall leafy stems

#3: Tall Flower Stems

Now, place tall flower stems in the center of the green flower arrangement.

how to assemble a green flower arrangement, step 3, insert tall flower stems in center

#4: Fluff and Fill

Finally, turn the vase to view various angles. Fluff and fill as needed, for example: 

  • I pulled some of the dark green leafy stems out a bit, allowing the stem to drape slightly. 
  • I adjusted the tall leafy and tall flower stems slightly to intermix them in the center of the vase.

Green Flower Arrangement, how to assemble an all green floral arrangement

A Green Centerpiece for a Baby Shower

At my sister-in-law’s baby shower, we placed a green floral arrangement at the food and dessert tables. She likes houseplants, so it was an easy starting point. 

As game prizes, we gave away houseplants in terracotta pots. Of course, there is no need to waste a pretty houseplant (right?!). So, we set potted plants atop petite plate stands and lace runners. Paired with the green flower arrangement, each table felt full of life and vibrant spring greens. 

So, if you are in the searching for a color palette that is lush and full of life, while still neutral, give green florals a try.

Green Flower Arrangement, how to assemble an all green floral arrangement

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