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Johnny Rose Costume with DIY Rosebud Hotel Name Tag

Dress up as Johnny Rose and Moira Rose for Halloween with this easy couple’s costume idea. Learn how to make an easy Rosebud Hotel name tag to complete Johnny’s costume.

With a few key items, you can pull together a Johnny Rose costume and Johnny Rose name tag at the last minute. If you’re going to a Halloween party with your significant other, she can easily dress up as Moira Rose, too. Schitt’s Creek Costumes are a fun choice for adult costumes or a couple’s costume.

This past October, my husband and I went to our first Halloween costume party in years. While we were looking forward to a night out without kids, it was a bit intimidating to choose a costume. After all, it has been well over a decade since we last dressed up for any type of costume party.

moira rose costume diy with johnny rose, couples costume for halloween

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Plus, since I was so wishy-washy about selecting a costume, I cut our timeline very short. On the day before the party, we decided to dress up as Johnny and Moira.

Last Minute Johnny Rose Costume

Before a trip to the consignment shop or the costume store – just head to your closet to pull together a Johnny Rose costume. We found everything we needed in my husband’s closet (and it’s been a minute – ok, years – since he last wore a suit).

My husband had several suits, but they were older. Even though Johnny dresses in a full suit, they are stylish, well-fitted suits. So, we opted for a pant and jacket combo that felt more up-to-date than some of the older suits.

We didn’t think of this, but a friend at the party said we should have made his eyebrows bushy like Johnny Rose. I love that idea! If we ever go as Moira and Johnny again, my husband will definitely be getting darker, thicker brows for the night.

Here are the key pieces to a Johnny Rose costume:

  • Full Suit, or Pants & Jacket
  • Button-Up Shirt
  • Dress Shoes
  • Bushy Brows
  • Rosebud Hotel Name Tag

How to Make an Easy Johnny Rose Name Tag

You can buy Rosebud-style name tags online. However, we were doing this the night before the party and didn’t have time to order (plus, I just love a good DIY Halloween costume anyhow).




1. Cut Out the Badge

First, cut a rectangle from the chipboard and two rectangles from the red cardstock. The rectangles should all be the same size. Cut the rectangles to approximately 3 inches by .75 inch.

2. Label the Badge

Next, in the center of one of the red rectangles, write JOHNNY in all-caps with white color pencil.

Johnny Rose Name Tag, Rosebud Hotel Name Tag

3. Assemble the Badge

Now, glue the red rectangles to each side of the chipboard, creating a red Rosebud hotel style badge.

assemble Johnny Rose name tag with chipboard and red cardstock

4. Attach to Clothing

Finally, attach a safety pin to the back of the badge. Insert it into and back out of the cardstock layer. Then, attach the badge to Johnny’s shirt.

safety pin in back of Johnny Rose name tag

Last Minute Couple’s Costume

If you’ve seen any of my other costumes (like this ninja costume or this Luigi or Mario costume), you know I like easy costumes that don’t require a ton of supplies. The more I can take from my own closet – the better (after all, who wants to spend money on something that will only be worn once?).

And, while I’ve plenty of luck building my kids’ costumes from things we already own, a last minute couple’s costume was a little bit trickier. Why? Because we had to have the right items in both of our closets to pull together a couple’s costume.

Even if you don’t dress like Moira (I surely don’t), you might have the right pieces in your closet to create a Schitt’s Creek couple’s costume.

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Johnny Rose Name Tag, Rosebud Hotel Name Tag