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Moira Rose Costume with Johnny Rose (Schitt’s Creek Costumes)

Dress up as Moria Rose and Johnny Rose for Halloween with this easy couple’s costume idea. Schitt’s Creek Costumes are the perfect option for an adult Halloween costume or Halloween Party.

With a few key pieces, you can pull together a Moria Rose costume at the last minute. If you’re going to a Halloween party with your significant other, he can easily dress up as Johnny Rose, too. Schitt’s Creek Costumes are a fun choice for adult costumes or a couple’s costume.

This past October, my husband and I went to our first Halloween costume party in years. While we were looking forward to a night out without kids, it was a bit intimidating to choose a costume. After all, it has been well over a decade since I last dressed up for any type of costume party.

moira rose costume diy with johnny rose, couples costume for halloween

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Plus, since I was so wishy-washy about selecting a costume, I cut our timeline very short. On the day before the party, we decided to dress up as Johnny and Moira.

Last Minute Moira Rose Costume

Before a trip to the consignment shop or the costume store – just head to your closet to pull together a Moira Rose costume. I found everything I needed in my closet (and I don’t dress anything like Moira in my normal day-to-day life).

Black Shirtdress OR Black Bottoms with a White Shirt

Moira almost always wears black. As a base piece, you’ll want either a dress, shirtdress, pants, or skirt in black.

I chose a black shirtdress from my closet, because Moira loves her collars and button-ups. If you’ve only got a black dress (i.e., no collar), layer the dress over a white shirt like Moira did in episode 10 of season 3.

If you don’t have a dress option, pair a white button-up with a black skirt or black pants. Moira loves this combo and it is seen throughout the series.

moira rose costume diy with johnny rose, couples costume for halloween

Black (and/or White) Layers

Moira regularly wears layers. Whether a leather jacket, classic blazer, vest, or cardigan, adding a layer will help pull that Moira Rose look together.

I chose a fur vest for my Moira Rose costume. With a black and white herringbone pattern on the back and fur on the front, it checks the boxes for that over-the-top style Moira loves (and is also why I rarely wear this vest due to my normal plain-Jane style).

Black Tights or Stockings

If Moira isn’t wearing black pants, she’ll typically have on a pair of black tights or stockings. This Halloween party was on a chilly night, so I chose leggings. If you’ve got warmer weather, select patterned fishnet stockings to mimic some of Moira’s more daring selections.

Chunky Jewelry with Bling

Stack all your gaudy, chunky necklaces to replicate Moira Rose’s jewelry. Most of my jewelry is pretty understated, but I did have a few chunky necklaces.

If you don’t have any blingy necklaces, they would be easy to find at a consignment store. Grab several, and stack them for maximum impact.

To stack them, it is pretty easy if the necklaces are different lengths. However, even if they are the same length, you can still stack them with this simple trick:

  • don’t clasp the second necklace,
  • use safety pins to attach the second necklace to the first necklace on each side,
  • ensure the safety pin is hidden behind the first necklace’s baubles.
moira rose costume diy

Dramatic Lips, Eyes, and Hair

Finally, finish off that Moira Rose look with dark eyeshadow, dark lipstick, and styled hair (or grab a pink Moira Rose wig like she wore in season 3 episode 6).

A pair of sunglasses is a must, too, if you’re going to be outside. Of course, Moira’s sunglass pick is always a pair of dramatic, large, dark shades.

Last Minute Couple’s Costume

If you’ve seen any of my other costumes (like this ninja costume or this Luigi or Mario costume), you know I like easy costumes that don’t require a ton of supplies. The more I can take from my own closet – the better (after all, who wants to spend money on something that will only be worn once?).

And, while I’ve plenty of luck building my kids’ costumes from things we already own, a last minute couple’s costume was a little bit trickier. Why? Because we had to have the right items in both of our closets to pull together a couple’s costume.

Luckily, Johnny’s classic attire made it fairly easy (make a Rosebud hotel Johnny Rose name tag to finish it off)!

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moira rose costume diy, simple and quick last minute costume idea