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How to Make a Master Sword (DIY Sword for Link Costume)

Is your child a fan of the Legend of Zelda video game? If so, they will love this realistic wooden master sword to pair with their Link costume. With this sword, they’ll be ready to save Princess Zelda and all of Hyrule any day of the week. 

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a cost-effective master sword using our free downloadable Master Sword Template. Using foam sheets and leather cording, you won’t need any fancy tools to create this DIY Link sword. 

diy master sword for link costume in leather sword holder, with  printable master sword template

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My son wanted to to purchase a shield and sword for his DIY Link Halloween costume. We checked online and in party stores, but were unimpressed with the selection. Most of the options were made of thin, flimsy plastic – and were marked at well over $20 each.

Therefore, it made sense to make our own DIY Master sword and Hylian Shield. But, how could we make the sword and shield body – even if we could recreate the design?

Of course, we could carve a sword from wood… or fabricate a sword from EVA foam… but I needed a quicker, simpler project that didn’t require a bunch of special tools.

Thankfully, I found this wood play set online that included 2 shields and 2 swords (yes, two of each!). We knew it would work perfectly for the base of our Master Sword and Hylian Shield templates.

DIY hylian shield and Master Sword with printable template for Link costume, zelda breath of the wild costume

Plus, since it is made of wood, I don’t have to worry about it breaking easily – it’s prefect as a durable pretend-play toy!

How to Make a Zelda Master Sword

Not only is this master sword the perfect addition to any Link costume, but – since it’s made from wood -it’s durable enough to withstand even the most rambunctious little Link. The tutorial is easy to follow, so include your child in making the sword, as well! 




  1. Remove cord from the sword

First, use a utility knife to remove the twine cord that is wrapped around the handle of the wooden sword. 

wood sword
  1. Paint the blade

Next, grab the silver metallic craft paint and a foam paint brush. Paint the sword blade silver. You may need to apply more than one coat to fully cover the wood. 

diy master sword for link costume
  1. Paint the handle

In order to make this sword resemble Link’s, paint the handle with purple craft paint. Kids can help pain the sword, both the silver blade and the purple handle.

  1. Print the sword template

Next, download the free Master Sword template using the instructions, below.

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Print the Master Sword Template on regular paper. Make sure that the printer is set to 100%, so that the frame and emblems are sized to fit the wood sword

master sword template download and print pdf
  1. Cut out the purple guard

Once printed, cut out the purple template (the sword’s guard) and confirm the size matches the sword. Then, tape the template to the purple foam and cut out the guard. 

  1. Cut out the yellow emblems

Next, cut out the yellow emblems from the template and tape them to the yellow foam. Cut the emblems out of the foam. 

  1. Attach the foam to the sword

Attach the purple foam guard and yellow foam emblems using the hot glue gun.

diy master sword for link costume
  1. Wrap the handle

Finally, wrap the sword’s handle with teal leather cording in a criss cross pattern. Secure the end of the cord using the hot glue gun. 

diy master sword for link costume
link costume zelda breath of the wild for halloween or cosplay

The finished product is a perfectly realistic master sword! Not only does it look good, it’s also sturdy. So, kids can have fun pretending to be Link even after Halloween is over. The sword is great for dressing up, pretend-play, and cosplay.

Of course, now that your kids have a great Master Sword, they’ll also need a leather sword holder (learn how to make it in this DIY Link Costume tutorial) and a Hylian shield – so make sure to check out those posts, too!

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diy master sword for link costume in leather sword holder, with printable master sword template